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CISA updates list of critical workers

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has updated its list identifying infrastructure workers deemed critical during the COVID-19 response. Based on industry feedback, CISA Director Chris Krebs issued an updated memo March 28 adding categories of workers to the original list published March 19.


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The advisory list identifies workers who conduct operations and services essential to continued critical infrastructure viability, but states and local governments can make their own decisions about prioritizing workers based on their individual needs. The latest version clarifies “the description of a small number of essential services and functions in the list.” CISA said on its website.

For the communications and IT sector, the updated list adds:

  • Government workers and contractors supporting undersea cable infrastructure along with Defense internet and communications facilities.
  • Engineers and technicians supporting wireless communications infrastructure, including those working to expand capacity and remote services.
  • Workers providing electronic security, fire, monitoring and life-safety facility services.
  • Customer services staff addressing supply chain issues and emergency equipment distribution and repair.
  • Employees at labs and certification agencies qualifying electronics and critical infrastructure, including data centers.
  • Workers supporting business infrastructure, web-based offerings, distance education and remote work “crucial for business continuity and connectivity.”

The list also expands the number of industries covered and specifically mentions financial services, electronics, cloud and telework services along with digital health.

As with the first memo, CISA said it will update the advisory list if necessary as the pandemic response evolves. Questions and comments can be sent to [email protected].

Read the new memo here.

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