Map of social distancing policies (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Track state policies on pandemic response

To help state public health policy-makers better manage pandemic response, the Kaiser Family Foundation offers a data tool that regularly updates states’ coronavirus policy actions.

It tracks multiple metrics, which are visible in a map and can also be viewed as a table and downloaded as a CSV file.

The tool summarizes state policies on:

  • Social distancing measures, including which states have mask mandates, stay at home orders, mandatory quarantine for travelers and various restrictions on bars and large gatherings.
  • Health policy actions to reduce barriers to COVID-19 testing and treatment, including cost sharing for COVID-19 treatment, paid sick leave and premium payment grace periods.
  • Telehealth actions, such as cost sharing, waived fee, and reimbursement parity with in-person services.
  • Guidance for assisted living facilities on visitation, screening and use of personal protective equipment.
  • The number of at-risk adults by age.
  • Influenza and pneumonia vaccinations and deaths.
  • Medicaid expansion status and health insurance coverage, including private insurance deductibles and self-insured plans. It also offers a Medicaid emergency authority tracker, detailing approved state actions to address COVID-19.

Kaiser Family Foundation’s GitHub page says that the Information is compiled from a review of state executive orders, guidance documents, policy bulletins and news releases. Data is reviewed and updated daily. If there have been no changes, the most recent data reflects current policy actions.

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