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Tim Solms

5 ways the public cloud can go wrong for DOD agencies

As defense agencies embrace cloud computing, many are finding that cloud solutions deemed good enough for consumers can't handle their unique requirements.

James Langevin

Rep. Langevin: Cyber law dithering endangers US critical infrastructure

Congress should set aside partisan differences to pass legislation that would require cybersecurity standards to protect U.S. critical infrastructure.

Crash analytics: How data can help eliminate highway deaths

Highway safety groups' strategy, called Toward Zero Deaths, is ambitious, but data analytics combined with the "Four Es" make it possible.

Josh Stephens is vice president of technology for IT management software company SolarWinds.

Fear the slasher: Surviving the IT budget horror show

The agency budget has become the most terrifying thing in the federal world. Here are a few steps you can take (note: don't back into a dark room) to survive the blades, teeth and tentacles of the slashers.

Josh Stephens is vice president of technology for IT management software company SolarWinds.

Agencies don't have to be like Vegas

Mum's usually the word, but the tools to collaborate are proven, available and more secure than agency chiefs seem to think.

Chris Knotts

10 ways telework will change in the next 10 years

Over the next decade, the word "telework" will be as outdated as a rotary phone, writes Force 3's Chris Knotts.

Bob Otto

Is a private cloud the smartest thing to do?

A private cloud might be a way for some "server huggers" to extend the status quo, but don’t let that obscure the greater value to government agencies.

Zombies, orphans and other perils of virtualization

Virtualization offers agency IT shops many benefits, but it’s also rife with pitfalls that can make it a network killer.

Gregg Mossburg

4 keys to success in the cloud

The best strategy for cloud migration is identifying applications that will generate the most benefits, including cost savings, scalability of services and streamlined IT and services management.

'Culture of reuse' critical to modernizing old applications

Modernizing old applications could free a lot of money that is sunk into operations and maintenance, write two executives at Unisys Federal Systems.

Next-generation governance is the key to future IT success

Current governance techniques were devised in a less-connected age. The path forward lies in next-generation governance — not as a mere catch phrase, but as a tactile, sustainable method of operations, write Fred Knops and Mike Isman of Booz Allen Hamilton.

Ray Kane

The way we were: Cloud's roots in the '60s

The history of time sharing, starting with General Electric's 1960s GE 225 computer, provides lessons for today's evolving cloud computing marketplace.

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