Traffic in Bangkok (khunballang/

A data-driven approach to deciding on infrastructure investments

By modeling the flow -- of freight, commuters, money or anything else -- across each link of a network, researchers can show where investment will be most beneficial and which projects shouldn’t happen at all.

smart city IoT (chombosan/

Lafayette taps IoT for air quality data

City government, industry and university partners are building an interactive smart city platform for Lafayette, La.

prescription pill bottles (Russell Shively /

Can IT help cure the opioid crisis?

Government agencies and public health organizations are working to develop new tools to share pertinent health care data among providers and, in some cases, to predict the path of a user about to return to a life of opioid abuse.

department of health and human services (Mark Van Scyoc/

HHS funds states’ fight against opioids

The Department of Health and Human Services will distribute $485 million in grants to all 50 states to support evidence-based prevention, treatment and recovery services.

Household hazardous waste sorting with Smarter Sorting (Charlie Vallely)

How data management can cut cities’ hazardous waste costs

A startup’s sorting technology can help cities reduce the costs associated with disposing of household hazardous waste.

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How to talk about IT modernization

IDC’s four-stage taxonomy aims to help stakeholders understand the full scope of digital transformation efforts.

information sharing environment (sdecoret/

IGs suggest terror-info sharing improvements

Tech advances have spurred more efficient information sharing among counterterror components, but some operational gaps still exist, according to a joint audit by inspectors general at the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

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Confused by data visualization? Here’s how to cope in a world of many features

In an age of overwhelming information, knowing how to communicate data effectively can not only uncover insights and spark change, it can help keep data’s relevance in check.

blockchain in healthcare

The new building block(chain) of health care records management

A scalable, secure data exchange ecosystem can support high-quality research while safeguarding against breaches of sensitive patient data.

cloud storage (ShutterStock image)

Cloud credits offered in NSF big data funding

Researchers applying for National Science Foundation grants that address big data management, modeling and analysis may also apply for cloud credits to support their work.

line of school buses (ShutterStock image)

School bus routes are expensive and hard to plan. We calculated a better way

By optimizing bus routes with data analysis and mathematical modeling, a school district can save between five and seven percent on the number of buses needed.

girl with mask on airplane (ShutterStock image)

CDC wants better data to manage global communicable diseases

Aviation intelligence data on flight schedules and passengers will help public health analysts understand how global diseases are spread through air travel.

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