artificial intelligence (ktsdesign/

Machine learning with limited data

The process of teaching a neural network to recognize an object or pattern typically requires a great deal of data. What if there isn't much available?

IoT analytics platform

Modern data analytics for public safety IoT

The sheer volume of data generated by internet-of-things devices requires modern and efficient platforms that can maximize the data insights to ensure a safer population.

Real Time Crime Monitoring Center  (City of New Orleans)

New Orleans opens Real Time Crime Monitoring Center

The command center will use video captured from strategically mounted cameras and license plate scanners to give police real-time assistance during violent crimes.

ATF wants to expand its ballistics matching database

The searchable national ballistics database helps investigators match images from fired bullets and spent cartridges to other rounds that may have been fired from the same gun.

smart grid (chombosan/

Smart grid research on Chattanooga's muni-broadband network

A partnership between the city's Electric Power Board and Oak Ridge National Laboratory is collecting real-time sensor data that will allow the grid to see fluctuations immediately and balance the electrical load.

technology and congress

House dives into artificial intelligence

By improving their understanding of AI, legislators want to be able to leverage the technology to improve efficiency.

3d model of a city (IARPA)

3-D models from satellite data on the fly

IARPA is developing automated systems that can quickly build complex 3-D models from commercial, satellite and airborne imagery.

Pennsylvania opioid map

Pennsylvania’s data-driven opioid strategy

A dashboard that tracks opioid prescriptions and emergency department visits helps the Opioid Operational Command Center identify overdose spikes and provide appropriate response.

data in cloud

NSF pairs funding with cloud credits

Researchers get access to large-scale cloud resources while spurring technology development and economic growth.

Warehouse network

Point Cloud City: NIST's 3-D indoor mapping model

LiDAR-created 3-D indoor point cloud models will foster indoor mapping, localization and public safety applications.

blueprint of city (Panimoni/

Smart cities need to be more human, so we’re creating Sims-style virtual worlds

Agent-based modeling simulates the behavior of individuals as they move around and interact inside a virtual world.

Data analytics

Big data analysis enlisted for Justice investigations

The Justice Department will be analyzing mountains of data related to opioid sales on the darknet and illegal trades on the stock market to uncover large-scale, secretive crimes.

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