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Scoring sex offenders to predict future risk

OffenderWatch's Focus assigns a risk score to registered offenders based on more than 100 different risk factors found in the offender's record as well as other data sources.

data on opioids

How Maryland uses data to fight opioids

Although data from Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs can help identify users who need treatment, license plate readers help police catch criminals bringing drugs into the state.

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AI takes root across agencies

At a congressional hearing on artificial intelligence and the federal government, agency execs detailed how they are applying to the technology to increase efficiency.

Coordinated databases protect U.S. borders

Predictive analytics for smarter border security

Unisys' LineSight ingests and analyzes high volumes of data from multiple sources to flag potential threats in near real time.

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Controlling cross-border traffic without sacrificing security

Combining data analytics with machine learning can help border security agencies ensure safe passage across land, air and sea.

DNA (agsandrew/Shutterstock.com)

DNA: Nature's data center

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity is looking for a new storage medium that can hold more data within a smaller footprint. Is DNA the answer?

opioid analytics

Could a national database help the opioid crisis?

A national repository of prescription data and patient information would enable the creation of robust predictive analytics, experts told lawmakers.

How analytics improves grants management

Tableau dashboards are helping the Health Resources and Services Administration track grants.

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How VA, ICE use data for decision making

The use of data analytics has helped the VA and ICE to be able to respond better to customer needs and congressional inquiries.

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Machine learning with limited data

The process of teaching a neural network to recognize an object or pattern typically requires a great deal of data. What if there isn't much available?

IoT analytics platform

Modern data analytics for public safety IoT

The sheer volume of data generated by internet-of-things devices requires modern and efficient platforms that can maximize the data insights to ensure a safer population.

Real Time Crime Monitoring Center  (City of New Orleans)

New Orleans opens Real Time Crime Monitoring Center

The command center will use video captured from strategically mounted cameras and license plate scanners to give police real-time assistance during violent crimes.

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