William Jackson

Bill Jackson ([email protected]), a senior writer for GCN, covers security issues.

Automated IT security gets a step closer

Using NIST's Security Content Automation Protocol in tandem with TCG's Trusted Network Connect architecture provides the benefits of two open standards to improve endpoint security.

Using a ‘sinkhole’ to squash the Nitol botnet

Microsoft has reached a settlement with the operators of the domain in China to “sinkhole” traffic to 70,000 malicious subdomains.

Time to give up on Java?

The zero-day window for the latest Java vulnerability has officially closed, but agencies still have to decide whether the benefits of running Java on their computers outweigh the risks.

The grace period on mobile security is over

As the bad guys turn their attention to mobile devices, the government has begun mapping out security that needs to be incorporated in coming generations of this technology.

Government runs on IT, regardless of who is in office

A survey of government officials indicates that it is cost savings — not politics — that drives technology purchasing.

Beware the price of free campaign apps

Some political campaign apps are a lot like politicians; they seem to be more interested in what they can collect than what they deliver.

Stuxnet/Flame/Gauss and the limits of cyber espionage

Discovery of the state-sponsored (wink, wink) Gauss malware proves once again that, in cyberspace, nothing stays secret for long.

'Pls open attachment' and other low-tech spam persists

Despite the growth of advanced threats, there's still plenty of old-school, low-imagination spam going around.

Securing the grid is crucial, but Chicken Little claims don’t help

Senators' claims that critical infrastructure is vulnerable to a "few keystrokes" belie its resilience and obscure the real threats.

After what happened in Vegas, feds keep low profile at Black Hat

It would be a shame if feds were scared away from information-rich conferences like Black Hat because of the excesses of some GSA managers.

Continuous monitoring of IT favored in FISMA plan

A compromise version of Cybersecurity Act of 2012 backs continuous monitoring of government IT security over regulatory compliance in the Federal Information Security Management Act.

3 free tools to help manage your passwords

Effective security requires managing passwords, which can be a daunting job. Fortunately, help is available.

Like it or not, password management is a must

As more of our life moves online we still are looking for an identity management scheme that is practical, secure and scalable. Don't hold your breath.

The AC/DC lesson: Why IPv4 will be with us a long time

Thomas Edison lost the Current Wars to AC back in the 1890s, but more than 100 years later some customers still were using DC power from the grid. Could IPv4 last as long?

Hundreds of thousands at risk as DNSChanger deadline looms

More than 300,000 IP addresses, nearly 70,000 of them in the U.S., are being directed to servers that will go offline July 9. Computers at two federal agencies are still infected.

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