light in framework tunnel (Roman Sakhno/

The Cybersecurity Framework is helping agencies, but there's room for improvement

IT managers have gotten better at preventing attacks, but they must ensure they can also quickly respond and recover.

fake news (igorstevanovic/

Can Russian cyber meddling be stopped?

The low-cost electronic meddling that sows suspicion in the democratic process is likely to continue, a cybersecurity expect told a Senate panel.

pointing at code (Dmitry A/

ONR seeks to speed development of cryptographic software

Galois is creating a suite of tools that will improve the development and testing of new cryptographic algorithms.

backdoor (BeeBright/

When is a back door not a back door?

FBI Director Christopher Wray's call for a solution to uncrackable encryption sounds curiously like a request for a back door.

Karen Jackson (Virginia Secretary of Technology)

Karen Jackson: The exit interview

Virginia's outgoing secretary of technology talks about her work in cybersecurity, autonomous technology and smart communities.

America’s aging voting machines managed to survive another election

Elections: Another unsecured enterprise application?

With IT systems underpinning elections infrastructure, state officials are taking different approaches to secure their systems against growing threats.

lioness on the hunt (Stephanie Periquet/

How threat hunting enhances cybersecurity

Proactive hunting can find core security issues much faster than traditional reactive methods and reduce workload on security analysts who must focus on fighting day-to-day fires.

robot typing (maxuser/

AI cybersecurity: Let's take some deep breaths

Automated attack response protocols give agencies a solid base for preventing current and future artificial intelligence-enabled cyberattacks.

Bipartisan Senate bill would help states beef up election cybersecurity

The new proposal would help streamline cybersecurity info-sharing between federal and state officials, authorize grants to replace outdated equipment and develop election cybersecurity guidelines.

dark clouds above government building

Top cyber risks for 2018

As 2018 begins, a top risk consulting firm reflects on how the cyber landscape has transformed over the last year.

waiting in line

States could wait 9 months for DHS election system assessments

States are being given priority for the risk and vulnerability assessments that provide an in-depth, on-site review of internal and external networks.

blockchain (NicoElNino/

Blockchain in government: Are we ready for prime time?

It's possible that enthusiasm for the technology may be outpacing its practicality.

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