Defense IT

Army boosts efficiency with task management tool

U.S. Forces Korea has saved money and seen tasks completed faster, with fewer missed deadlines.

TARDEC autonomous vehicle (Isiah Davenport)

Defending military vehicles against cyberattacks

The Army is scouting for an intrusion defense system for military ground vehicles that will protect against cyberattacks.

Drone launching from the hive (Photo by Matt Leonard)

Drone deliveries to the warfighter

The Hive Final Mile project uses a mobile application for placing orders to drones that are launched from their "hive" to deliver supplies to troops in the field.

plugging into the cloud

DOD developing in-house cloud provisioning system

The Defense Digital Service is building a tool to automate the complex back-end business processes that accompany commercial cloud services.

connections (Sergey Nivens/

AI takes root across agencies

At a congressional hearing on artificial intelligence and the federal government, agency execs detailed how they are applying to the technology to increase efficiency.

MilCloud 2.0 gets IL5 authorization

Defense Information Systems Agency has granted DOD Provisional Authorization for Impact Level 5 for CSRA's milCloud 2.0.

Internet of Battlefield Things

Developing and protecting the internet of battlefield things

The Army Research Lab is exploring technology that enhances collaboration between autonomous agents and human warriors on the battlefield.

quantum encryption

DOD's growing interest in quantum and blockchain

The Marine Corps and U.S. Cyber Command are both exploring how quantum computing and blockchain could transform their business practices.

bomb disposal robot (Crystal Eye Studio/

Taking bomb disposal robots to the next level

The Office of Naval Research wants an explosive ordnance disposal "technician" with more dexterity and increased awareness.

secure software development (Omelchenko/

Air Force tests baked-in software security

The AOC Pathfinder project leverages agile development to ensure that the software is automatically certified.

DNA (agsandrew/

DNA: Nature's data center

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity is looking for a new storage medium that can hold more data within a smaller footprint. Is DNA the answer?

HPE SGI 8600

New supercomputers headed to DOD

The Air Force and Navy research labs will be getting HPE SGI 8600 machines for national defense applications.

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