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A Simpson-Bowles panel for government IT?

The long-standing deadlock on government spectrum and cybersecurity policies could use input from some serious deal-makers.

Data center project could make DHS what it was meant to be

The department's multiyear consolidation lays the foundation of its future as a data-driven department.

Paul McCloskey

In federal digital plan, sharing is the hardest part

The call for shared services -- not mobile or social media technologies -- may be the most disruptive part of the administration's new digital government strategy.

Paul McCloskey

Government cloud gets personal -- and Siri-ous

When the government cloud meets the burgeoning consumer cloud, service to the citizen should look more like Siri to the citizen.

Can spectrum auction prevent the looming bandwidth deficit?

The plan to auction broadcast spectrum for wireless Internet use benefits just about everyone, but broadcasters might not want to give up their licenses.

Unleash the data scientists: How government can use big data

Government agencies would do well to invest in the new breed of data scientists, trained to bring a statistical, technological and business mindset to the use of big data.

Paul McCloskey

For government, cost-cutting is mobile's real killer app

The demand for agencies to lower their operating costs is driving the government's acceleration toward mobile; user convenience is second.

Paul McCloskey

Big data = smaller government

Government's increasing use of analytics software could help pull the nation out the current economic stall and make government programs smaller, smarter and cheaper.

Want a paperless office? Let people work remotely.

The push toward mobile technologies and teleworking won't eliminate office printing, but it could help reduce it at last.

Paul McCloskey

Steve Jobs' government legacy: Citizen-centric computing

Jobs' ability to craft tools for intensely personal computing helped spark direct citizen-to-government computing.

Paul McCloskey

New modeling, analytics can help cities solve their fiscal crises

Without new analytic modeling technologies, cities might be in the dark about the best ways to solve some of their more complex financial problems.

A digital 9/11 might be under way already

A digital state of war might not happen with a bang but could be what we're seeing right now: stealthy, targeted attacks that try to stay under the radar — and never, ever stop.

Paul McCloskey

The one constant element of agency IT projects

Creating a tag cloud from the GCN Awards' winning nominations reveals the one thing that, no matter the project, is on everyone's mind.

Going mobile? The people are already there.

Agencies serious about connecting with the public have to go where the people are. Increasingly, that means mobile apps.

Paul McCloskey

Smart budgets put their money on IT

Shared systems and analytics tools can help agencies cut out the waste.