blockchain secured certificate

Marriage certificates sealed by blockchain

Hunter Halcomb, the head of IT for the Washoe County Recorder’s Office, spoke with GCN about the challenges of putting marriage certificates onto a blockchain-based system.

blockchain for health data (LeoWolfert/

Blockchain to speed medical research

A bill proposes a pilot project to get more and faster access to secure clinical data on valley fever.

voice assistant with people (Julia Tim/

Will talking to AI voice assistants re-engineer our human conversations?

When we communicate face-to-face there is an expectation of mutual attentiveness, but these norms could be wholly deconstructed if we were to have the majority of our conversations with non-humans.

artist conception of SHIELD (DARPA)

Can DARPA secure the electronics supply chain?

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is investigating whether "dielets" -- tiny chips no larger than 100 microns a side -- can help track and authenticate electronics components.

artificial intelligence (ktsdesign/

Quantum computer: We’re planning to create one that acts like a brain

The Quromorphic project aims to radically boost the amount of input data that can be processed by building neural networks that work on the principles of quantum mechanics.

blockchain in government

Blockchain makes new inroads into public sector

Many of the efforts are still nascent, but all levels of government have started to explore blockchain’s capabilities through pilot projects, legislation and research.

drone near jet (Jag_cz/

FAA wants new ways to identify rogue drone pilots

The Federal Aviation Administration wants partners to help develop the data sharing capabilities required to remotely identify small unmanned aircraft systems in controlled airspace.

isolated PC

Solving the air-gap dilemma

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking for security that can better track and protect sensitive data as it moves from highly secure systems to insecure ones.

dragonfly (Costea Andrea M/

Are bug brains the key to AI?

DARPA wants build artificial intelligence networks based on small flying insects' "impressive computational capabilities."

connected vehicle (Golden Sikorka/

DOT floats options for connected vehicle communications

The Department of Transportation is seeking comments on how recent technology developments might affect the use of dedicated short-range communications.

headset repairs via augmented reality (DAQRI/YouTube)

LA taps augmented reality for specialized repairs

AR googles and home-grown software not only help technicians make repairs faster and more accurately, they may even help attract tech talent to Los Angeles.

people in crowd identified by machine (MONOPOLY919/

IARPA seeks to plug privacy holes in AI

The intelligence community's research arm is looking for ways to protect information about the individuals in a training dataset.

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