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asking questions of data (Production Perig/

4 factors that make or break a data strategy

An effective data analytics strategy requires a deep understand of the tools, processes and people involved.

language processing (

How natural language processing can address critical government issues

Massive volumes of fragmented information are now available for the kind of deep-pattern analysis originally reserved for numerical databases.

crossing gaps (inamar/

Expanding cloud use requires cross-domain security

The Defense Department must ensure that cloud-based data can be transferred across classification levels and accessed by only the right people, with the right authorization at the right times.

secure info sharing (vs148/

Can secure computation balance data privacy and utility?

While legitimate fears about data vulnerability have limited agencies' attempts to share information, some are turning to new cryptographic techniques to protect privacy while data is processed.

One worker in an empty cubicle farm

Could a shutdown ignite insider threats?

Furloughed IT staff and overburdened security teams create opportunities for malicious and negligent insider attacks.

modernization (iQoncept/

4 trends driving federal IT

Transforming the delivery of citizen services, increasing cybersecurity and supporting automation are essential to meeting the administration’s goals for modernization.

enterprise network

Start modernization projects with unified communications

By moving toward a cloud-based unified communications system, agencies can make an instant impact that will provide immediate results and serve as a jumping off point for larger modernization efforts.

cybersecurity in cities (

Why U.S. cities are a key target for cyber attacks

As easy targets with high value, cities often fall victim to phishing attacks launched from common applications, such as Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word and Chrome.

connected vehicle (Golden Sikorka/

What's next for V2X spectrum?

A high-stakes policy debate among automakers, governments and telecommunications firms over the spectrum for vehicle-to-everything communications may eventually be solved by market forces.

wind turbines (PEERA24602/

We need a sweeping 3D printing agenda, now

To avoid losing 3D leadership and bring manufacturing back home, the federal government must commit to building a 3D ecosystem, creating incentives and nurturing future talent.

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