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How to prepare for emerging technologies

To keep up with the latest technology solutions, IT managers must take advantage of learning opportunities and skills development available from contractors, user communities and industry events.

Evaluating cybersecurity risk

5 ways agencies can clean up their cyber hygiene

Following cyber hygiene best practices will ensure agencies can keep their systems healthy, provide high-value cybersecurity and remain agile and responsive to citizen needs.

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What to look for in a managed detection and response solution

MDR can provide capabilities organizations may not have in place or better utilize resources they already have -- either through augmentation or by enabling more resources.

Reaping the benefits of net monitoring and IT consolidation

Better metrics for data center optimization

By understanding the health, availability and risk of the data center and its underlying infrastructure, IT operations managers can make better decisions about optimization.

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Prepare now for intent-based networking

Intent-based networking allows a network administrator to prescribe a desired network state through automation and software-defined methodologies.

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Rise of the citizen data scientist

New tools give end users the ability to develop their own use-cases for AI-driven analytics.

Better visibility is the key to improved FITARA scores

Network visibility can help agencies better manage their software inventories and optimize data center operations.

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3 reasons why moving target defense must be a priority

MTD makes a defender a more difficult target, reduces the need for threat detection and enables scalable security.

Quantum computing: Probable solutions incredibly fast

How quantum communications can support US in fending off Chinese 5G snooping

With new 5G networking equipment on the horizon, quantum-encrypted communications would ensure virtually unhackable transmissions, no matter what vulnerabilities exist in devices.

fraud detection

4 ways government program managers can solve the fraud Catch-22

Data-driven insights help agencies balance ensuring a program's integrity even when there are limited resources to investigate or fix identified problems.

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