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Reinventing data center security, from the hardware up

To establish chain of trust through the stack, agencies must shift their attention to hardening infrastructure.

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Why blockchain works for records management

As a secure, transparent and regulatory compliant infrastructure, blockchain allows agencies to synchronize records, workflow processes and signatures for multiple parties to a transaction.

What can we do about public-sector security breaches?

Isolation stops hackers at the point of entry and provides security teams with the time and information they need to analyze the real threats they’re facing.

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When ransomware plagues government agencies, hackers are here to help

Vetted whitehat hackers can give agencies valuable new perspectives on their systems and ultimately help them combat adversaries.

How automation helps with shutdowns, attrition or budget cuts

Security automation can help agencies meet challenges brought on by. unexpected staff and technology changes.

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3 surefire ways to build a better cybersecurity strategy

Agencies should build a cyber-savvy team, create stronger bonds with outside partners and deploy tools and training necessary to keep cyber threats at bay.

4 ways to automate the collections process

Automating collections creates operational efficiency that can help agencies be more consistent, fair and ultimately more successful.

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The missing ingredient from federal IT: Simplicity

As agencies increase digital transformation and modernization efforts, they need more than an incremental boost in scale or performance; they must plan to increase in simplicity as well

Agencies are adopting AI, even if they don’t know it yet

Agencies are already building the foundational infrastructure, talent pipeline and innovative culture that will support broad adoption of artificial intelligence.

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3 myths of modernizing legacy IT systems

Understanding of the benefits of modernization and having support along the journey can help agencies successfully transition to a modern IT infrastructure.

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