The 11 best products of 2011

The GCN Lab picks the top 10 IT products of the year, plus one overall winner.

The top 10 products of 2010

The GCN Lab picks the best of the best from the products it reviewed this year. Any of these superstar products will serve well in the office, and do it better than other products in its class.

HP's Z400 a workhorse workstation in any configuration

The HP Z400 Workstation delivers a lot of power for the workstation user, with plenty of room for future upgrades.

GCN LAB REVIEW: Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p

Although not the best in some categories, the ThinkCentre M58p would do well at almost any office task, and its extra security is a plus.

GCN LAB REVIEW: Dell Optiplex 960

The Dell Optiplex 960 high-performance PC would be good for any use, provided that upgrades are a long way down the road.

Last of the red-hot dual cores

Quad technology waits in the wings, but dual-core systems still have a lot to offer. The GCN Lab tested six dual-core desktop PCs whose power and price can make them attractive to government offices.

GCN LAB REVIEW: Supermicro SYS-5035B-TB

If physical security is paramount, desktop space is abundant and you have extra input devices you need to use, the Supermicro SYS-5035B-TB might be the system for you.

GCN LAB REVIEW: Ace Vision 6Gt

The Ace Vision 6Gt PC would do well for an administrator who doesn’t want to pay a lot for performance and has a good deal of components to add.

GCN LAB REVIEW: HP Compaq dc7900

The HP Compaq dc7900 is a small PC that would be a good choice for an office where desktop space is a consideration — and, really, who couldn’t use a bit more room?

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