The top 10 products of 2010

The GCN Lab picks the best of the best from the products it reviewed this year. Any of these superstar products will serve well in the office, and do it better than other products in its class.

Microsoft Office 2010 brings collaboration into the suite

Microsoft has long been the standard among office suites, and Office 2010 is no exception.

EasyOffice gives you the basics, but not much more

EasyOffice Premium features all the relevant components of a decent productivity suite at a fraction of the cost of Microsoft Office, but there is a catch.

Lotus Notes improves with office-suite capabilities

While it's not a full office suite, the new features and clean interface of Lotus 8.5 merit some recognition.

WordPerfect X5 makes everything easy for the user

WordPerfect Office X5 is focusing on how interoperability with the Web can improve workflow.

OpenOffice has all the tools, at the right price

Looking for a robust office suite that is professional and lacks any kind of bells and whistles? Then look no further than OpenOffice 3.2.

6 databases and how to pick one

But as long as you stick to five general principles for selecting a database, you’ll be able to sift through the bells and whistles and find the right fit for your needs.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Grading the latest in mail servers

The GCN Lab takes a look inside five mail servers and finds they all have their strengths and weaknesses — and Exchange still rules the roost.

Arabic language app walks the talk

Downloadable from the Apple App Store, this Arabic-speaking companion is a mobile friend for people who want to learn the language.

Windows 7 review: 'New' OS is just Vista with small changes

Microsoft's Windows 7 has been touted as a new, better-running operating system. But despite the addition of a few handy features, the GCN Lab finds that it looks just like the Vista OS, has a lot of the same annoying quirks as Vista and delivers no difference in performance from Vista.

3M projector tries to be all things to all conference rooms

3M’s SCP716 projector falls short in ease of use; offers intuitive software but has a confusing setup.

Gaining Virtual V-locity

The V-locity software package can fix a few inherent problems with virtualization, like cluttered disks and ever-expanding space needs.

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