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social media

4 ways social media can bring quick wins for government

A robust social media strategy can help agencies meet some of their transparency and engagement goals and produce a tangible return on investment.

FirstNet single interoperable platform for emergency and daily public safety communications

FirstNet begins to build its ecosystem

An app store and developer platform will help create a nationwide marketplace to complement the public safety network.

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BlackBerry expands crisis communications services

BlackBerry’s AtHoc crisis communications platform now allows federal agencies to account for their employees before, during and after an event.

app use in hospital

VA seeks indoor navigation app

The Department of Veterans Affairs is looking for an app that can provide veterans, visitors and staff with turn-by-turn indoor and outdoor map navigation at its medical facilities.

wireless (Creations/

FCC upends licensing process for 5G research

To make wireless spectrum research easier, the Federal Communications Commission launched a web portal and experimental licensing system that speeds the license modification process for researchers.

disruptive forces (By turgaygundogdu/

4 forces disrupting and shaping the future of government

These four forces are contributing to a more responsive and adaptive government, powered by agencies that adapt to serve the public and deliver on their mission.

airport check in (Africa Studio/

DHS officials push digital, biometrics for efficiency

DHS officials expect the Investigative Case Management system to handle immigration enforcement by the end of this year.


How cloud-based e-signatures smooth workflow

Besides speeding approvals and enhancing security, e-signatures provide visibility into government processes.

mobile devices (Bartolomiej Pietrzyk/

Can government secure the mobile ecosystem?

Mobile devices pose a special risk to government, in part because commercial carriers aren't subject to the security controls that can be applied to federal networks, a new DHS report says.

Navy students (U.S. Navy photo by Ensign James A. Griffin)

Warfighter health monitoring via smartphone sensors

DARPA wants a way to keep tabs on the health of warfighters to ensure readiness, identify weaknesses early and avert compromises to missions.

App spots fake IDs (Intellicheck)

App spots fake IDs

The app compares barcodes on the back of driver’s licenses to a database of such codes from every U.S. state.

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