mobile cloud security

Outlook mobile gets updated security

Outlook for iOS and Android now both meet the security and compliance needs of Office 365 U.S. Government Community Cloud High and Defense Department customers.

smartphone (NPFire/

Limiting the potential abuse of smartphone sensors

IT managers can address the risks associated with today's sensor-laden smartphones with proactive defense, user education and policy enforcement.

Sacramento (Ryan Evanson/

Sacramento gets ready for 5G test drive

With a 5G wireless network, Sacramento can take advantage of smart city applications that will improve public safety, mobility and access in underserved areas.

mobile phone user in NYC (Alessandro Colle/

Swamped by cyberthreats, citizens need government protection

New York City's NYC Secure app shows how governments can help citizens cope with cyberthreats.

The grave risks of text messaging for public agencies

Software glitch blamed for missing FBI texts

The automated application used to wirelessly collect text messages from bureau-issued mobile devices experienced software issues that kept it from capturing all texts.

smartphone on wireless charger (Andrey Suslov/

How wireless recharging works -- and doesn’t, yet

Researchers are working to ensure that the power transmitter can transfer the maximum amount of electricity to the receiver.

phone in car

Can smartphone data deliver better traffic stats?

The Federal Highway Administration is considering using passively collected data from smartphones and GPS signals to help it make sense of daily traffic volumes.

Pittsburgh picks partners for civic innovation lab

How 'private-sector' technology shapes government administration

By applying the technologies used by successful business to their operations, agencies can improve efficiency, transparency and citizen satisfaction.

police officer using wireless device (First Responder Network Authority/Flickr)

Securing wireless tech for responders

As emergency communications move to wireless broadband networks, the National Institute of Standards and Technology drafts a report that analyzes the cybersecurity of mobile and wearable devices.

phone with Louisiana digital drivers license

Could plastic driver’s licenses become a thing of the past?

Despite privacy concerns, many officials envision people using digital licenses not only for traffic stops and airport ID but also in bars, banks, doctor’s offices and as voter ID at polling places.

mobile security (sdecoret/

On the road toward derived mobile credentials

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently issued a practice guide showing two ways federal employees using mobile devices could be authenticated to access secure information systems and applications.

Making smart cities into safe cities

Army researchers play 'Marco Polo' to locate personnel, robots

An algorithm analyzes received wireless signals to determine their direction of arrival even in obstacle-rich environments.

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