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Context aware security with software defined networking

Software-defined computing enables context-aware IT

Move to SDN said inevitable in new world of mobility, social, big data and cloud computing.

National Broadband Map

The state of broadband resources, all in one place

The National Broadband Map, the biggest dataset of its kind, supports the drive to extend high-speed Internet service to everyone.

Data visualization

How DHS got its COPs on the same beat

The department's Common Operating Picture provides tools for broader situational awareness, including shared mapping, analytics and data visualization.

4 waves of cloud: Are agencies along for the ride?

The public sector has moved toward cloud computing, but has it been enough of a catalyst to ensure interoperability?

Windows 8's winding path to agency networks

Wholesale migrations aren't expected soon, but IT managers say there are several ways the new OS could start slipping in through the side doors.

Mining big data, no data scientist required

Discovery/Alert 7.0 can help government analysts and clinicians find value in data across multiple sources without specialized training. The FBI and DHS are on board.

Win 8

If migrating to Windows 8, leave no app behind

Laplink’s PCmover can automate the process and can solve some of the difficulties of moving from an older versions of Windows.


Discount cloud: Market lets agencies tap unused capacity

NJVC and Virtustream will give public-sector agencies an automated way to compare the cost of cloud provider services via a Web portal.

Smart App

Army app market to let customers have it their way

In the six-month pilot, users will be able to post requirements that developers can try to fill with existing or custom-made solutions.

Windows 8

5 ways Windows 8 can be great for agencies

Innovative security, a friendly (for real) cross-platform interface, and handy support for telework and BYOD could do a lot for public-sector organizations

Lockheed offers agencies a cloud storefront

Agencies can receive cloud services from Lockheed's private and community clouds or cloud providers such as Amazon and Microsoft.

Credit: Falko Kuester, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), University of California, San Diego

Cracking big data for $3K and geek cred

Energy and NSF's Big Data Challenge sets a series of competitions, the first of which will pay $3,000 split at least three ways, but it's not about the money for contestants.

The 10 biggest doubts executives and IT managers have about the cloud

What do IT leaders have confidence in? Not government regulations, exit strategies or data privacy, according to a new survey.

How Virginia agencies' CRM speeds services, cuts costs

Agencies speed up delivery of services, retire outdated software and systems and redeploy staff to other tasks by standardizing on Microsoft Dynamics.

How crowdsourcing can help vet patent applications

The Ask Patents website lets volunteers help determine the originality of an application.

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