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Maryland e-Road Ready Projects

Mapping out highway maintenance

Maryland e-Road Ready Projects shows planned work on state-maintained roads.

taxi in washington, DC (Tupungato/

Payment apps drive city’s taxi modernization

By partnering with Square, Washington, D.C., can upgrade its legacy metering system and get real-time ridership data.

municipal fiber (Solomonkein/

The risky ROI on municipal broadband

Over half of municipal fiber projects generate negative cash flow, a new report finds.

Miami (pisaphotography/

A growing city tackles sea level rise

Miami is taking a multi-faceted approach to address growing development in an area vulnerable to sea level rise.

people voting in California

DEFCON to target voting machines

This summer’s hacker conference will give attendees a chance to apply their skills to manipulating voting machines.

CFPB/SSA retirement calculator

SSA, CFPB and the state of Minnesota demonstrate the power of straight talk

Plain language initiatives are changing the way agencies provide information and engage with citizens.

facial recognition (Zapp2Photo/

House committee looks into cities’ facial recognition tech

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform has sent letters to big-city mayors asking for documentation on their systems.

smart city (By Mascha Tace/

The race to become ‘digital by default’ will have winners and losers

Cities that invest in digital services can save money and attract tech-savvy businesses and talent.

wannacry ransomware

‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack raises alarm bells for cities, states

IT officials say they often don’t have enough money to effectively fight sophisticated cyber threats, especially one of this scale.

blockchain (By a-image/

Unlocking blockchain for government

Using blockchain technology through permissioned networks can help state governments improve the delivery of their services, a new report finds.

lab tests computer (By joker1991/

West Virginia tracks sexual assault evidence

The Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Information System will help West Virginia officials keep track of evidence taken from victims and identify weaknesses in collection procedures.

FirstNet single interoperable platform for emergency and daily public safety communications

FirstNet begins to build its ecosystem

An app store and developer platform will help create a nationwide marketplace to complement the public safety network.

texting outside restaurant (nito/

Social media helps officials spot public health threats -- but only for the rich?

Knowing the demographic and socioeconomic breakdown of social media-generated data can better shape the design of research studies and public health surveillance systems.

body camera storage

The hidden challenge behind body cams -- storage

An open source, software-defined storage solution helped a small town manage its body-worn camera and surveillance data.

IoT fuels next-gen law enforcement

IoT fuels next-gen law enforcement

Growing federal investments in the internet of things -- including cloud, analytics and sensor technologies -- will power physical and cybersecurity, a new study shows.

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