• cyber war map (GWU National Security Archive)

    CyberWar Map visualizes global threats

    The map offers a bird’s eye view of the cyber battlefield and access to the National Security Archive's extensive collection of Cyber Vault documents.

  • PHADE phone alert (Purdue Simba Lab/YouTube)

    What happens when surveillance cameras can connect with your smartphone?

    Researchers have developed a technology that allows public surveillance cameras to send personalized messages to people without knowing the address of the phone.

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  • digital key (Mott Jordan/

    Making encryption easier with blockchain

    Moving public key infrastructure to a distributed ledger could offer a more secure, less expensive way to provide online authentication.

  • The problem with PIV cards

    Personal identification verification cards have never quite lived up to their promise to control access to federal networks and physical locations.

  • crowdsourced security

    Crowdsourcing cyber threat defense

    With input from communities of professional cyber threat analysts and white-hat hackers, 418 Intelligence analyzes threat risks and countermeasures.

  • lock with bullet hole (wk1003mike/

    New breach, same lessons

    The Equifax breach has brought the security of open source software to the fore, yet again, and highlighted the ongoing struggle organizations still have with cybersecurity.

  • risk alternatives (Narong Jongsirikul/

    NIST's how-to for prioritizing risk

    The latest guidance on risk assessment offers agencies a way to identify the most critical parts of an infrastructure so they can better choose what to upgrade.

  • cyber attack (By GlebStock/

    WannaCry: A preview of coming attacks?

    With malware innovations seemingly outpacing the efforts of both public and private entities to protect against them, we must find a new way to deal with the issues malware poses.

  • mobile security (Boiko Y/

    The road to derived mobile credentials

    Programs in both the civilian and military sectors are starting to deliver on earlier promises to give government workers credentials on their mobile devices.

  • Jumping on the blockchain bandwagon

    Jumping on the blockchain bandwagon

    This could be the year when blockchain hype dissipates and it becomes a major, if still early-stage, cybersecurity tool.

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  • border tech (CBP)

    Border tech in the budget

  • phone forensics (NIST)

    NIST tests law-enforcement's phone-hacking tools