• Will NIST break its close relationship with the NSA in developing cryptographic and cybersecurity standards?

    NIST's future without the NSA

    Can the standard agency develop effective cryptographic and cybersecurity standards without the help of the National Security Agency?

  • Windows Server 2003: The end is nearer than you think

    Windows Server 2003: The end is nearer than you think

    It can take seven months or more to migrate to a new server operating system, so Microsoft's July 2015 cut-off date for Windows Server 2003 support really is just around the corner.

  • Stakes rising as malware matures

    Stakes rising as malware matures

    How can government best position itself against cyberattacks, which seem to be increasing both in number and sophistication?

  • Man stares at screen

    Can telework improve cybersecurity?

    Although the federal government is trying to encourage telework, a new survey shows agencies are losing workers because of a lack of telework opportunities at a time when a shortage of cybersecurity professionals is being called a threat to national security.

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  • Wrenches and bolts to tighten security for the Internet of Things

    Tools to tighten the Internet of Things

    Built with cost and performance in mind, interconnected systems contain vulnerabilities that are increasingly attractive to attackers looking for protected information or who want to disrupt public services. Some tools are emerging to help.

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  • encryption

    Last call for comments on Keccak encryption

    The public will weigh in on NIST's choice of new a secure hash algorithm developed in response to advances in techniques for breaking of federal document encryption standards.

  • Man with bug spray against stinkbugs

    Is antivirus now useless?

    Debates over the state of antivirus technology and tools has resurfaced yet again after the executive in charge of Symantec's information security business was quoted as saying antivirus is dead.

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  • Man juggling spinning remote IT devices

    Is shadow IT spinning out of control in government?

    It's not a new problem, but it is getting worse, and government needs to be more agile in responding to the influx of consumer IT into the enterprise.

  • Looking for insider threats

    Insider threat detection tools: Hard to find, harder to fund

    A new survey shows that with little money to spend on tools aimed at insider threats, most organizations have to limp along by jerry-rigging existing, and unsuitable, cybersecurity tools to do the job.

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  • Man keeping secret about a security vulnerability

    Would the government have told us about Heartbleed? Should it?

    The government says it did not know about the OpenSSL vulnerability before it was publicly disclosed. But if it had known, it might not have told us, says White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel.

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