Emerging Tech

Emerging Tech

  • Red ethernet cable in a heart shape around the Windows XP logo

    One of the 37.7 percent: My XPerience with XP

    John Breeden II was one of the people who stuck with Windows XP until forced to upgrade. Why didn't he switch sooner?

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  • IO mobile data center

    Could movable, modular data centers be the future?

    Units that can be added as needed can save on construction and engineering costs while giving agency IT staff flexibility.

  • Energy efficient data center

    How do gov data centers get more efficient? Let me count the ways.

    Improving efficiency is more than eliminating servers, dimming the lights and turning down the AC. There are a lot of little, but important, steps you can take.

  • Agency logos

    NASA employee mixes SVG format and, presto: Gov Webicons

    Sean Herron uses the Scalable Vector Graphics format to solve a problem with website design and creates 41 open-source agency logos that scale to display at any size.

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  • Satellite image of Hurricane Sandy

    NOAA's upgraded technology draws a bead on hurricane season

    With a busy storm season ahead, the agency adds more supercomputing muscle to its modeling programs.

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  • Astronaut in space reaching for a pizza

    NASA could take 3D food printing to Mars, and beyond

    The agency wants to test 3D food printing for long space flights, a plan that could have larger implications down the road.

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  • User manipulating map with Leap gesture controller

    Leap Motion shows how gesture control can beat touch screens

    The company's new controller, due in July, can give desktop users touch-like control, without the touch, of Windows 8.

  • Quantum computer at D-Wave

    NASA, Google to explore quantum computing in AI project

    The new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab at NASA Ames will use the incredible speed and unique approach of quantum computing to try to advance machine learning.

  • Fujitsu CAC reader

    When it comes to technology, government is a unique animal

    The products and features drawing big crowds on the FOSE show floor would be ignored most anywhere else.

  • Man with head in hands despairing over computer crash

    The key to surviving the Blue Screen of Death blues

    When the dreaded screen hits, as it did for John Breeden II recently, it's best to have already expected the worst.

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