Emerging Tech

Emerging Tech

  • Advanced game theory goes to work for homeland security

    Advanced game theory goes to work for homeland security

    Researchers from the University of Southern California have developed applications for the Transportation Security Administration to protect airports and for the U.S. Coast Guard to defend ports.

  • Building the tools for bug-free software

    Building the tools for bug-free software

    With detailed descriptions of how software is expected to behave, researchers believe they can verify its operations and eliminate bugs.

  • Predicting earthquake damage with big data analytics

    Seismic Concern collects data on the physical environment and integrates time- and location-sensitive population information to immediately deliver a report on earthquake hot spots to subscribing localities.

  • Providing the last leg of gigabit Internet without fiber

    Getting to gigabit Internet without fiber

    While it builds out its fiber network, Santa Cruz, Calif., is using a network of millimeter wave radios to deliver gigabit-speed Internet.

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  • Smartphone LDS

    Can your smartphone drive your car?

    By adding a laser sensor to a smartphone, researchers at MIT created a low-cost device that can deliver the high-resolution distance sensing required for robotic navigation.

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  • TaintArtist promises to detect abusive smartphone apps

    TaintArtist promises to detect abusive phone apps

    Rather than trying to screen apps for malware, researchers suggest it may be more effective to monitor the behavior of installed apps for signs of improper behavior.

  • GeoMesa tames big data for GIS in the cloud

    GeoMesa distributes geospatial data processing over the scalable resources of Hadoop, virtually eliminating the limits to the amount of data that can be managed.

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  • Passive Wi-Fi will boost Internet of Things

    Passive Wi-Fi will boost Internet of Things

    Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a way that passive, or reflected, signals can help IoT sensors transmit data while using far less power than existing Wi-Fi devices.

  • digitalglobe machine learning with crowdsourcing

    Satellite image analysis scales with deep learning, crowdsourcing

    Crowdsourced image validation combined with machine learning shrinks the pool of imagery requiring human analysis.

  • students study swarm robotics at Robotarium

    Georgia Tech offers a robotics co-op to researchers

    The Robotarium would give researchers remote access to expensive equipment on which to test swarm robotics software.

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  • Austin Texas 911 center (atxn.tv/YouTube)

    Attacks, crashes underscore need for new 911 systems

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