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Red Hat stacks it up

Last summer, Red Hat purchased JBoss Inc., the vendor overseeing the open source JBoss application server and related middleware. Now we're starting to see the fruits of that acquisition. Earlier today, Red Hat Inc., of Raleigh N.C., announced the availability of an open source development stack that includes JBoss apps.

As Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik, chairman and CEO of Red Hat, noted at the time, the company planned to fold JBoss into Red Hat's own offerings, producing an integrated set of applications.

The Red Hat Application Stack includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the JBoss Application Server, JBoss Hibernate and the MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Open source vendors seem to be increasingly thinking about software stacks, or collections of applications tailored to work with one another.

"The name of the game for reliability in software is the ability to anticipate all possible execution environments,"' said Ben Chelf, chief technical officer of Coverity Inc. of San Francisco, in our recent article on open source stacks. "By combining components to form a stack, the potential set of execution environments is reduced, making the overall quality objectives easier to attain."

--Posted by Joab Jackson

Posted by Brad Grimes, Joab Jackson on Sep 18, 2006 at 9:39 AM


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