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Novell no longer does the Hula

Showing how not all open source roads lead to gold, Novell Inc., of Provo, Utah, has stropped contributing to the Hula project, an open source project the company itself initiated.

In early 2005, and with much fanfare, the company donated the e-mail and calendar functions of its NetMail enterprise collaboration server software to the open source community, calling the project Hula. Even then though, the software ran a distant third in market share, trailing after IBM Lotus Notes and falling way behind market leader Microsoft Exchange. Going open source did not improve matters any.

Hula now joins the ranks of Jini, Ingres and other corporate projects that failed to catch fire, even after being subjected to the open source development process.

Posted by Joab Jackson on Nov 29, 2006 at 9:39 AM

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Fri, Dec 26, 2008 Joab Jackson

Yes, both Jini and Ingres have thriving user and developer communities. When I http://www.gcn.com/print/24_8/3 DOT 5512-1.html representative a few years back, when the code was managed by CA, he estamited the user base to be about 25,000, which for database implementation is not an insigificant number. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say all these technologies (inlcuding Hula) did not live up to the expectations of their corporate parents.

Thu, Dec 14, 2006 Emma McGrattan CA

Joab, I was surprised to see you characterize Ingres as a project that had failed to catch fire. Since it's formation a year ago, Ingres Corporation has been building tremendous momentum. We've leveraged the open source development process to deliver innovative solutions to the community in substantially less time than would have happened in the closed source world. Some of our recent successes in this area include Project IceBreaker, an integrated database/operating system solution and a real-time database solution delivered in conjuction with the SUSE folks at Novell.I'd like to invite you to visit www.ingres.com to see what we're up to.Regards,Emma

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