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The year of WiMax, delayed again

Perhaps it's just our Monday morning sluggishness, but we just can't get beyond the Ars Technica news site this morning. Here are some juicy items:

*Would you be surprised that WiMax has hit another setback? The Clearwire/Sprint deal we touted earlier year, you know the one to blanket the land with WiMax, has fallen apart. Executive musical chairs at the top of Sprint do not bode well for that company's ambitious WiMax plans, and Clearwire is now faltering on the stock market.

*Personal Digital Assistants are a dying technology. Fewer PDAs were sold in 2007 than in 2006, and that pattern has held true for the last four years. Squirrel away your own PDA to show your grandchildren how we carried around these bricks just to hold appointments and notes.

*Internet2, LambdaRail have falling out. Two of the largest government-sponsored high-speed research networks made plans to merge, but fell out over the wording of the agreement. The Chronicle of High Education reported one university CIO as saying "it's a real train wreck' adding that universities must split resources between two competing networks.

Posted by Joab Jackson on Nov 12, 2007 at 9:39 AM


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