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FDCC slowing Vista deployment

Largess has come back to haunt Microsoft: The Redmond giant helped the federal government come up with some secure settings for Windows computers and, as a result, at least a few federal agencies are holding off on deploying Microsoft's new operating system, Vista, so they can concentrate on implementing the settings across all their Windows XP computers.

At least that is the way it appeared at NIST's Federal Desktop Core Configuration workshop held last week, where three agency execs stated that they were deferring deployment of Vista as they roll out the settings for Windows XP.

Bill Corrington, chief technology officer of the Interior Department, noted that Interior was holding off on any Windows Vista deployments for the time-being, in order to concentrate on implementing the Windows XP FDCC settings. This is a way of reducing the scope of what it a major undertaking, Corrington explained.

"In our early discussions, we've decided to defer dealing with Vista for now," he explained, noting that the CIO office wants the agency to migrate to Vista in a carefully managed and controlled fashion. "Anytime you can reduce scope and focus on first things first, you're better off."

The Army has also held off deploying on rolling out Vista, explained Amy Harding, who works in the Army CIO office. The service does, however, have a Vista 3,000 desktop computer pilot going on at present to test the configuration, she explained. She expects FDCC Vista image out late this summer that Army shops can deploy.

Likewise, Blair Heiserman, who works in NIST's Office of the Chief Information Officer, also stated that his agency held off on Vista deployments as well. Prior to FDCC, "We put in restrictions on the usage of Vista at NIST, which was delayed until we could get a better grasp of Vista in our environment," Heiserman said. "And then with the advent of FDCC, [that delay] had been pushed out further so we could focus on solely on Windows XP."

"When we do deploy Vista, we will be FDCC compliant," he added.

While three agencies do not a trend make, their careful deliberation certainly won't help boost Vista sales any.

Posted by Joab Jackson on Jan 29, 2008 at 9:39 AM


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