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Taming the cable monster

For the July 7 issue of GCN, we're working up a feature story on good cabling practices. At first glance, cabling may seem rather mundane, but if you don't get some good practices into place, you can end up with a communications closet, data center or even workspace filled with spaghetti. And not the tasty kind either!

So, do you label your cables? Do you bundle them? Copper or fiber? Do you run them through the ceiling or under the floor? How many dead cables do you have still buried around?

If you have some cabling horror stories you'd want to share (anonymously of course), or if you'd want to offer some tips for the story, or even want to show off your layout, comment below or just drop us an e-mail offline.

Posted by Joab Jackson on May 21, 2008 at 9:39 AM


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