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Windows 7: Not all that it's 'Cracked' up to be?

By now the IT trade press is so awash with breathlessly anticipatory articles and reviews of the upcoming Windows 7 that we've stopped scanning them, for the most part. But this one, from the humor magazine Cracked caught our eye, "A Review of the Pirated Copy of Windows 7 I Bought On eBay." This was the funniest thing we've read in a while, in fact. To hear this reviewer tell it, Windows 7 has limited hardware support, few decent built-in applications (Microsoft Fax notwithstanding) and is terribly unstable!

Keep in mind, that this article comes from a magazine specializing in low-brow humor. So some of the language (at least in the background of some screenshots) is not work-safe. And we won't give away the punch-line. But suffice to say, it is a good one, and speaks volumes about the fruits of our relentless march of technological progress.

Now, to dig up that old floppy drive…….

Posted by Joab Jackson on Oct 09, 2009 at 9:39 AM


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