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    How agencies can protect against phishing attacks

    Defending against phishing attacks involves a combination of policies, procedures and controls.

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    Physical security critical in protecting agency data

    Besides protecting systems from automated attacks, agencies must also guard against data being physically removed from the building.

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    Improving the VA patient journey with data transparency

    Actionable, transparent data can help the Department of Veterans Affairs improve veterans’ care and significantly eliminate waste.

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    Cloud security is the agency’s responsibility

    A holistic approach that tears down the traditional silos of backup and recovery, security and infrastructure management will ensure the security of data in the cloud.

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    Managing BYOD's second act

    Although most of the focus of bring-your-own-device policies has been on security, agencies must also ensure their networks continue to operate efficiently in the midst of the growing mobile use.

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    Federal IT’s 'Golden Gate' moment

    Like maintaining the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, digital transformation is an ongoing process that requires a combination of the right technology, partnerships, people and processes.

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    Streamlining the voting process for cities

    With voters and poll watchers alike focusing on the voting process, local governments can implement technology solutions that update decades-old processes, facilitate voter engagement while also meeting regulatory requirements.

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    5 ways to keep email hacking from damaging your public life

    With the midterm elections just around the corner, candidates and government officials must take extra care to ensure their communications are secure.

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    Building a smart digital reality for GEOINT missions

    Defense and intelligence agencies must take advantage of expanding geospatial data to answer mission-critical, operational or business problems.

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    How agencies can use AI to automate and augment operations

    Artificial intelligence is ideal for solving comparatively mundane but critical and widespread problems like reducing call wait times and case backlogs.

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  • blockchain (Immersion Imagery/

    DARPA eyes 'less-explored avenues' of blockchain