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  • Energy recasts EA in cybersecurity role

    Smarter asset management: A 3-step strategy to doing more with less

    A reliability-based maintenance model prioritizes the infrastructure and assets that maximize efficiency and safety.

  • cybersecure new york city

    Cybersecurity for smart cities: Changing from reactionary to proactive

    Smart cities can increase security with a networking strategy that continually aligns the end-to-end architecture with business goals.

  • slow wireless network (Wright Studio/

    Government wireless networks desperately need an upgrade

    Agencies that upgrade their wireless IT infrastructure can meet modernization goals and improve the IT experience for both internal and external users.

  • controlling chaos (rudall30/

    Overcoming information governance inertia

    A robust IG policy not only improves efficiency, it enables advanced technologies designed to drive agency missions forward.

  • Balancing security with accessibility: Properly managing information and high-value assets

    A comprehensive information management program will help agencies more effectively secure their information, while still maximizing the availability of important agency data.

  • election security (

    What election security funding means for state and local CIOs

    State and local governments must make informed decisions about how to improve the security of their voting processes.

  • secure login (13_Phunkod/

    Better identity and access management

    Comprehensive IAM focused on authentication, authorization, administration and auditing is critical to keeping government information safe.

  • robotic process automation (

    RPA demystified: The new opportunity for the digital age

    Robotic process automation can help agencies meet the core objectives outlined in the President's Management Agenda: increased efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.

  • mobile management

    How ad-hoc mobile security gaps turn into big problems

    A unified endpoint management service can make security invisible to the user and help agencies minimize security incidents.

  • data analytics (Sergey Nivens/

    Is your agency’s integration platform future proof?

    As integration complexity skyrockets, it’s time to make sure your integration platform can meet the demands of latest tech trends.

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  • power grid (elxeneize/

    Electric grid protection through low-cost sensors, machine learning

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