Insider Insights

  • Stalking the insider threat

    Protection from insider threats

    Privileged account management is critical in keeping agency networks secure.

  • Cloud solutions can transform network security

    Software-defined access control assesses trust of both users and devices and allows access to applications and services based on granular trust-based decisions.

  • lock, credit cards, keyboard (279photo Studio/

    Shoring up PCI compliance

    Agencies that store, process or transmit credit or debit card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

  • CFD model of a data center air flow (Future Facilities)

    How computational fluid dynamics modeling can accelerate DCOI

    CFD can give data center managers visibility into airflow to help them gauge the effectiveness of their optimization efforts.

  • data backup (Maksim Kabakou/

    Building a better backup

    A sound, mulitiered backup strategy relies on risk assessment, security and testing.

  • connected city (By chombosan/

    Driving the future of smart cities with IoT

    A new generation of IT systems based on internet-of-things technologies can carry smart cities development farther and faster than originally imagined.

  • plumbers fixing leak (Macrovector/

    After a data spill: Containing and repairing the damage

    Five tips to help agencies minimize the damage of an unintentional data spill.

  • public cloud (ultramansk/

    Considering the cloud? Five questions feds should ask

    Agencies considering public cloud options should be sure they can adequately secure their apps and data.

  • containers (By KAMONRAT/

    Next up: Integration of virtual machines, containers

    Agencies can meet increased performance demands by combining cloud-based virtual machines and containers.

  • alive and well

    Java is alive and well in federal IT

    The 20-year-old programming language can help agencies create faster, more flexible and efficient development processes.

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  • augmented reality training (Army Research Laboratory)

    Army seeks virtual training environment for squads