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  • phishing (wk1003mike/

    Why phishing attacks are increasingly targeting the public sector (and what you can do about it)

    Many agencies rely on legacy email security solutions that fail to address today's sophisticated phishing attacks.

  • Robotic process automation  (Alexander Supertramp/

    Robotic process automation delivers better results for citizens

    Applying automation to business processes can reduce or eliminate many of the obstacles to delivering fast, efficient citizen outcomes while keeping humans at the heart of government service.

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  • woman texting (KieferPix/

    Government embraces next-gen citizen services with chatbots

    Agencies are using chatbots to field citizen question, facilitate complex tasks and increase engagement.

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  • Online document management (Jirsak/

    How can agencies improve collaboration? The answer might surprise you.

    Online document management helps government employees collaborate by streamlining processes and helping them manage the massive number of documents needed for day-to-day operations.

  • image of the Earth taken from the moon (NASA)

    A one-stop shop for out-of-this-world multimedia

    NASA's cloud-based library standardized 50 years of images, videos and audio files to help employees and the public find and download content.

  • digital key (wavebreakmedia/

    7 essential elements to effective key-management policy

    Managing cryptographic keys and the policies that govern them gets even more complex when the cloud is added to the equation.

  • water damaged laptop (mikeledray/

    7 ways to minimize data loss after a storm

    Agencies must ensure their employees know how to deal with to damaged devices to reduce the likelihood of data loss.

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  • bank vault

    Information security in government IT: Lessons learned from the financial industry

    Enterprise cloud migration and over-the-cloud PII protection can be less challenging for agencies if they draw from the experiences of early adopters in the financial industry.

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  • man with bluetooth ear piece

    BlueBorne and wireless risk: Going beyond NIST and standard frameworks

    Wireless security is rampant with undiscovered vulnerabilities and insecure protocols that have been paid scarce little attention despite some having been successfully exploited.

  • cloud as a utility

    Cloud utility models: What federal agencies need to know

    With pay-as-you-go cloud pricing, agencies get access to wider compute, storage and security options and avoid massive up-front costs.

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  • security compliance

    Security fundamentals: Policy compliance