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    Driving citizen engagement through mobile technologies

    Mobile devices and digital technologies give governments an easy and effective way to solicit feedback, build trust and improve municipal services delivery.

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    Bridging federal IT’s knowledge gap

    Continual communication about strategy and goals along with frequent training will help IT staff understand their agency's primary objectives and how best to meet them.

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    Better solutions for ransomware recovery

    With the versioning and write-once, read-many features of object storage, agencies can limit the impact of ransomware when preventative measures fail.

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    The cloud as the new data center makes the internet the new LAN

    When applications move to the cloud, performance depends on the internet connection between the cloud service provider and the agency.

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    Digital transformation that keeps vulnerabilities at bay

    Robust online government services make security a top consideration for municipalities, which must ensure that valuable information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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    How agencies can use containers for IT (not just shipping)

    Despite its relative novelty, containerization is rapidly changing the technology landscape, and agencies should consider taking advantage of the benefits it offers.

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    No time for stalling: The urgent need for an election hacking response

    Until election security is prioritized, state and local election officials and candidates must fend for themselves against well-resourced and motivated attackers.

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    Data center management distracts agencies from their missions

    A cloud-neutral approach gives agencies a secure, dedicated infrastructure and the flexibility to bring in any cloud provider that meets their needs.

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    Improving the VA patient journey with data transparency