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    No time for stalling: The urgent need for an election hacking response

    Until election security is prioritized, state and local election officials and candidates must fend for themselves against well-resourced and motivated attackers.

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    Data center management distracts agencies from their missions

    A cloud-neutral approach gives agencies a secure, dedicated infrastructure and the flexibility to bring in any cloud provider that meets their needs.

  • opioid analytics

    How analytics helps reduce opioid use disorder among Medicare patients

    Using spatial economic modeling on a high-powered analytics platform, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has been able to identify high-risk clusters of patients.

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    How to create a secure cyber environment

    By understanding the current threat landscape and institutional challenges, agencies can focus their efforts on mitigation and continuity plans, processes and technologies that will have the greatest impact when breaches occur.

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    The 2016 election: A lesson on integrity

    If change in any of the many systems that make up the election infrastructure cannot be detected, the integrity of the election process cannot be assured.

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    Citizen engagement and public service in the era of the IoT

    The internet of things is amplifying the number and variety of touchpoints available to reach citizens and giving municipalities access to data that can help shape service offerings.

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    Using encryption to help fight data breaches

    Unified key management solutions offer a centralized approach and work across clouds, both on-premises and in data centers.

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    Delivering citizen-centric state government

    State CIOs can take advantage of cloud, business intelligence and automation tools to meet the increasing expectations of a demanding citizenry.

  • Eisenhower speaking to troops (American Battle Monuments Commission)

    From Eisenhower to AI: What human capital management is learning from the past

    An extensive database powered by AI can help agencies accurately evaluate job candidates, assess their “behavioral DNA” and issue an instant report to human resource managers.

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    A human-centric approach to better cybersecurity

    Automated and adaptive security response based on how individual users interact with data can boost security without imposing blanket restrictions.

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  • machine learning

    Mitigating the risks of military AI

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