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    Modernizing a benefits program? You need better analytics

    Analytics make benefits delivery more efficient by allowing agencies to target services, detect fraud, streamline back-office operations and lower costs.

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    How threat hunting enhances cybersecurity

    Proactive hunting can find core security issues much faster than traditional reactive methods and reduce workload on security analysts who must focus on fighting day-to-day fires.

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    AI cybersecurity: Let's take some deep breaths

    Automated attack response protocols give agencies a solid base for preventing current and future artificial intelligence-enabled cyberattacks.

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    Blockchain in government: Are we ready for prime time?

    It's possible that enthusiasm for the technology may be outpacing its practicality.

  • gis data in a disaster

    Location intelligence powers next generation emergency response

    By infusing mobile, sensor-based data with geographic information, public safety officials can increase situational awareness and improve information analysis.

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    AI and chatbots: Driving the future of government IT service management

    Successful integration of AI into government agencies will reduce costs and increase service management efficiencies.

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    When outsiders become insiders

    Once an agency network is breached, a determined hacker becomes an insider, so the security mechanisms in place to mitigate the damage are critical.

  • responder using cell phone

    Can your public-safety backhaul network meet evolving responder needs?

    A converged IP/MPLS backhaul network lets agencies transition from the critical applications in use today to the data-rich applications of tomorrow.

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    The credit card industry got it right, agencies should do the same

    Behavior analytics working in concert with data loss prevention, tagging, multi-factor authentication and a light human touch would allow agencies to verify when an intruder is pretending to be an employee.

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    Accessibility awareness remains low as deadline approaches

    Beginning Jan. 18, 2018, government agencies across the U.S. will be required to make their websites accessible to the more than 60 million Americans with visual, hearing or other disabilities.

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  • IoT security

    A 'seal of approval' for IoT security?