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  • cloud email

    How agencies can improve the reliability of cloud-based email

    Applying standard network monitoring solutions and strategies to their email platforms will give IT managers better insight into the performance of cloud email servers.

  • analytics (chombosan/

    Smart planning delivers powerful benefits for cities and citizens

    Smart planning takes advantage of the best available data and technology to coordinate and optimize every area of responsibility a city touches.

  • federal blockchain

    How blockchain can transform the public sector

    Government agencies are taking their cues on blockchain from commercial industries, such as banking, education, manufacturing and retail.

  • geoint analyst (NGA)

    How artificial intelligence is transforming GEOINT

    AI-based geospatial intelligence performs the time-consuming classification of location data, helping analysts quickly uncover relationships and predict outcomes.

  • malware

    Evasive malware: A growing threat to state and local governments

    Capable of transforming itself, evasive malware can persist and burrow deeper into networks and endpoints over long periods of time.

  • business meeting (marvent/

    10 best practices for bolstering security and increasing ROI

    Justifying cybersecurity initiatives in terms of dollars and cents can be just as challenging as implementing them.

  • business management (Alexander Supertramp/

    How to improve services during unpredictable times

    Emphasis on smarter processes, collaboration and agility will help efficiency flow through the procurement supply chain and ultimately to the community.

  • business opportunity (Khakimullin Aleksandr/

    Modernization takes more than technology

    New approaches to acquisition and implementation, along with choosing the right champion, can remove roadblocks and ensure agency IT modernization is a success.

  • container (dellium/

    How to leverage containers for cloud migration

    Containers can streamline the cloud migration process, saving time and headaches along the way.

  • system logs (whiteMocca/

    Security fundamentals: Log management

    Log management plays a central role in facilitating effective cyber situational awareness across an agency.

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  • security compliance

    Security fundamentals: Policy compliance