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  • cloud (PranFoto/

    Four reasons for agencies to embrace the cloud instead of fearing it

    Through incremental cloud adoption, agencies can find out what solutions fit best.

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  • emergency alerts

    The advantages of regional approaches to emergency notification

    As multiple levels of government are often involved in responding to major incidents, agencies are banding together to develop a regional or statewide approach to critical communications.

  • network foundations (humphery/

    Building a cloud strategy on a solid foundation

    With the right network infrastructure, agencies moving to the cloud can tap into better security and greater flexibility for growth.

  • identity management (Vectomart/

    In the cyber evolution, identity and access management is a key player

    By going beyond the basics of IAM, agencies can maintain the level of security that is necessary to protect mission-critical data, without burdening the end user.

  • cybersecurity (vs148/

    NIST’s cybersecurity framework is changing -- what you should know

    Although the framework sets up a solid foundation for cybersecurity, it is just a starting point, not the end of the road.

  • help desk worker (GaudiLab/

    7 essentials for a top-performing IT help desk

    In today’s increasingly complex IT environments, an efficient help desk must provide exceptional service to help agencies deliver on their missions.

  • agile kanban board (Karashaev/

    How to help agile teams avoid fatigue and burnout

    The increased pressure on teams to perform at a fast clip can make them ripe for fatigue much sooner than traditional waterfall teams.

  • network security (

    It’s time to repeal and replace network access control

    Software-defined perimeter technology offers a more secure, efficient and cost-effective solution for enterprise network security.

  • Microservices (pluie_r/

    Microservices: The future of government IT

    By bringing efficiency to creating and maintaining digital services, microservices can help agencies delivery new functionality faster.

  • grants management

    5 fixes for grants management

    In today’s uncertain political and budgetary climate, grants managers must improve transparency, streamline processes and leverage data-driven efficiencies.

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  • global network (Pushish Images/

    Police around the world learn to fight global-scale cybercrime

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