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  • hybrid cloud

    Securing the federal hybrid cloud

    By weaving traditionally isolated security resources together into an integrated security fabric, agencies can share threat intelligence and implement automation to make decisions at machine speeds.

  • email security

    Raising the red flag on recent DMARC hype

    DMARC as only a small piece of a much larger email security strategy that must include real-time mailbox-level inspections that analyze both communication habits and sender indicators.

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  • expense report (Candidman/

    Don't forget spend management when moving to the cloud

    A cloud-based spend-management system increases compliance and reduces waste, allowing agencies to refocus resources on the mission.

  • modernization (Lightspring/

    The hidden challenges of modernization

    Even if agencies had unlimited capital, talent and resources, modernization would still be an intimidating process.

  • communications technology (bluebay/

    Making the most of public-safety communications investments

    An IP/MPLS public safety network supports today's applications while providing a future-ready platform for tomorrow's innovations.

  • light in framework tunnel (Roman Sakhno/

    The Cybersecurity Framework is helping agencies, but there's room for improvement

    IT managers have gotten better at preventing attacks, but they must ensure they can also quickly respond and recover.

  • servers on stage

    Back office modernization: An operational efficiency play in three acts

    Modernizing HR, finance and security lets agencies streamline operations, improve visibility and boost security across the organization.

  • analytics (SFIO CRACHO/

    Modernizing a benefits program? You need better analytics

    Analytics make benefits delivery more efficient by allowing agencies to target services, detect fraud, streamline back-office operations and lower costs.

  • lioness on the hunt (Stephanie Periquet/

    How threat hunting enhances cybersecurity

    Proactive hunting can find core security issues much faster than traditional reactive methods and reduce workload on security analysts who must focus on fighting day-to-day fires.

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  • robot typing (maxuser/

    AI cybersecurity: Let's take some deep breaths

    Automated attack response protocols give agencies a solid base for preventing current and future artificial intelligence-enabled cyberattacks.

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