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  • digital archiving (Andrea Danti/

    Archiving tips for public sector agencies

    Although saving time and money are two major factors that go into selecting an automated archiving solution, look for one that will make responding to records requests easier.

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  • network infrastructure (Jackie Niam/

    Why an IT resilience strategy might be the best investment states can make

    Investments in network infrastructure can boost a state’s return on investment by providing a solid foundation for the efficient delivery of these new or improved IT services.

  • network security (deepadesigns/

    A blueprint for the modern government security operations center

    By leveraging automation and analysis tools, government security operations centers can effectively face the new landscape of cyber threats.

  • phishing attack (wk1003mike/

    Business email compromise: Don’t catch that phish!

    Safeguarding an agency against email compromise involves both administrative awareness and technical controls, such as email rules, filtering and third-party solutions.

  • file transfer (Bloomicon/

    Avoid the risk: 10 reasons to modernize your managed file transfers

    MFT provides higher levels of automation, transparency, control and security while increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs.

  • cloud (PranFoto/

    Four reasons for agencies to embrace the cloud instead of fearing it

    Through incremental cloud adoption, agencies can find out what solutions fit best.

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  • emergency alerts

    The advantages of regional approaches to emergency notification

    As multiple levels of government are often involved in responding to major incidents, agencies are banding together to develop a regional or statewide approach to critical communications.

  • network foundations (humphery/

    Building a cloud strategy on a solid foundation

    With the right network infrastructure, agencies moving to the cloud can tap into better security and greater flexibility for growth.

  • identity management (Vectomart/

    In the cyber evolution, identity and access management is a key player

    By going beyond the basics of IAM, agencies can maintain the level of security that is necessary to protect mission-critical data, without burdening the end user.

  • cybersecurity (vs148/

    NIST’s cybersecurity framework is changing -- what you should know

    Although the framework sets up a solid foundation for cybersecurity, it is just a starting point, not the end of the road.

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  • Miami (pisaphotography/

    A growing city tackles sea level rise