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  • padlock on server cable (Andrey_Popov/

    Why state and local government still struggle with cybersecurity

    In addition to mitigating malware and phishing attacks, agencies must build domain name system resilience into their risk management programs.

  • Oregon

    Managing eclipse traffic with location intelligence

    User-friendly web applications, with relevant data layers for use by government personnel, have made massive public events manageable.

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  • enterprise architecture (TechnoVectors/

    Leveraging EA for digital transformation

    IT portfolio management, powered by automation and informed by enterprise architecture, is the most direct route to successful modernization.

  • data silos (Aleutie/

    How an API strategy can help agencies connect data silos

    By securely unlocking this data with application programming interfaces, agencies can better fulfill their missions and help improve citizens' lives.

  • The UK is banning government-built apps. Should we?

    Navigating the IT market with due diligence

    Appropriate due diligence, from a business, technical and legal perspective, is mandatory prior to buying IT products or services.

  • satellite data exchange (sdecoret/

    There’s a new cloud in town

    Space-based storage would allow agencies to overcome latency, interruption and internet-related security threats.

  • network (DmitriyRazinkov/

    Containment can protect IoT and cloud infrastructure from malware

    Since it's impossible to provide total protection for all devices, application-layer trusted-access control can secure resources before disaster strikes.

  • document management (WeStudio/

    Is poor document management to blame for public-sector inefficiencies?

    Agencies can boost efficiency, increase transparency and lower overall costs with better document management.

  • networking (Joe Techapanupreeda/

    Network transformation is the next big IT initiative

    Leveraging the principles of compute and storage virtualization, software-defined networking allows agencies to virtualize their network infrastructure and services.

  • agile development chart (Bakhtiar Zein/

    4 steps to agile success

    Agile development results in fewer failed projects, improved collaboration and teamwork, enhanced software development and greater innovation.

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    New breach, same lessons