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  • cybersecure new york city

    Cybersecurity for smart cities: Changing from reactionary to proactive

    Smart cities can increase security with a networking strategy that continually aligns the end-to-end architecture with business goals.

  • slow wireless network (Wright Studio/

    Government wireless networks desperately need an upgrade

    Agencies that upgrade their wireless IT infrastructure can meet modernization goals and improve the IT experience for both internal and external users.

  • controlling chaos (rudall30/

    Overcoming information governance inertia

    A robust IG policy not only improves efficiency, it enables advanced technologies designed to drive agency missions forward.

  • Balancing security with accessibility: Properly managing information and high-value assets

    A comprehensive information management program will help agencies more effectively secure their information, while still maximizing the availability of important agency data.

  • election security (

    What election security funding means for state and local CIOs

    State and local governments must make informed decisions about how to improve the security of their voting processes.

  • secure login (13_Phunkod/

    Better identity and access management

    Comprehensive IAM focused on authentication, authorization, administration and auditing is critical to keeping government information safe.

  • robotic process automation (

    RPA demystified: The new opportunity for the digital age

    Robotic process automation can help agencies meet the core objectives outlined in the President's Management Agenda: increased efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.

  • mobile management

    How ad-hoc mobile security gaps turn into big problems

    A unified endpoint management service can make security invisible to the user and help agencies minimize security incidents.

  • data analytics (Sergey Nivens/

    Is your agency’s integration platform future proof?

    As integration complexity skyrockets, it’s time to make sure your integration platform can meet the demands of latest tech trends.

  • Shutterstock ID ID: 222190471 By wk1003mike

    SaaS adoption is on the rise, but so is data loss

    With user error the largest risk factor, agency IT teams should leverage automated backup and restoration technology to guarantee the security and accessibility of cloud data.

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  • data wrangler

    Data wrangling: How data goes from raw to refined

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