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  • social media tools on phone (Vasin Lee/

    Should government social media accounts be treated as critical infrastructure?

    Social media accounts used for timely or sensitive communications should be subject to the same cybersecurity practices followed by the energy, transportation and chemical sectors.

  • connected engaged government (magic pictures/

    Engagement, accessibility, cybersecurity top local government priorities

    By leveraging social media, video, mobile messaging and other communications tools, agencies are poised to drive significant change in how they interact with their communities.

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    Building a better agency through orchestration

    Orchestration not only helps agencies solve problems and increase efficiencies, it breaks down silos and surfaces IT ecosystem components.

  • open source (fatmawati achmad zaenuri/

    4 reasons enterprise open source works best

    The vast and growing network of enterprise open source solutions can play a key role in modernizing government's IT infrastructures to be fast, functional and future-oriented.

  • getting to the cloud

    MGT Act gives government seed funding for cloud migration

    Retiring legacy technology and adopting commercially proven cloud-based software–as-a-service solutions should be the first step on every agency’s modernization journey.

  • IT modernization

    3 keys to making the most of IT modernization

    An agency's modernization success will be determined by how technology helps it meet its long-term overall objectives, not this year's deadlines.

  • office worker (Jacob Lund/

    Build, buy or configure? Selecting a modern grants management solution

    As IT-based grants management options increase, choosing a platform can be time-consuming and complex.

  • data breach (Kunst Bilder/

    How agencies should respond to shorter breach reporting statutes

    As the increasing number of breaches collide with tighter reporting mandates, agencies must strike a balance between protecting citizens and taking the time required to conduct a meticulous forensic investigation.

  • electronic document (MaximP/

    Why going paperless matters, now more than ever

    Digitizing paper-based processes can eliminate time-consuming manual workflows, establish ongoing operational cost savings, improve employee productivity and maximize tight budgets.

  • traffic at the border (James Steidl/

    Controlling cross-border traffic without sacrificing security

    Combining data analytics with machine learning can help border security agencies ensure safe passage across land, air and sea.

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  • Congressman sees broader role for DHS in state and local cyber efforts

    Automating the ATO