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  • open door in data center (Virgiliu Obada/

    How APIs can unlock data and give life to legacy systems

    Using application programming interfaces in system modernization allows agencies to quickly adopt new technologies and platforms.

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  • risk management (oatawa/

    Real cyber hygiene depends on risk assessment, not compliance

    Beyond meeting compliance goals, agencies need a way to get actionable insight into their current risks and evaluate the relative effectiveness of potential controls.

  • balancing modernization and security

    Finding the balance between modernization and security

    Centralized, deep network monitoring of the server and application footprints can help agencies ensure seamless and safe modernization.

  • How technology can help first responders save lives

    New advances in automation, mobile services and artificial intelligence can boost emergency responders’ timeliness, precision and effectiveness.

  • cyber hygiene

    Making security hygiene a priority

    Despite being a prime target for cyber attackers, government agencies can maintain day-to-day system health by quickly spotting and remediating vulnerabilities.

  • virtual assistant (Ico Maker/

    4 ways AI can make the public safer

    From improving emergency response time, to tracking epidemics and money laundering, artificial intelligence can play an increasingly vital role in keeping the public safe.

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  • mobile cloud security

    Moving apps to the cloud? Some factors to consider

    Prioritizing cloud selection based on the most appropriate features for a particular application offers many benefits as well as a few challenges.

  • network security (

    Why it's time to replace your agency's traditional VPN

    To keep up with the government IT modernization initiatives, agencies must find a way to enable secure, streamlined connections -- regardless of device or location.


    3 reasons agencies should embrace managed print services -- now

    MPS can help agencies enhance their security posture, strategically trim costs and improve operational efficiency.

  • 4 tips for shared services success

    3 steps for making the FITARA scorecard grade

    Agencies that optimize their data centers can do more with the resources they have and build an IT infrastructure that is more efficient, less costly to maintain and primed for the future.

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  • data science (chombosan/

    4 steps to excellence in data analysis