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  • containers (By KAMONRAT/

    Next up: Integration of virtual machines, containers

    Agencies can meet increased performance demands by combining cloud-based virtual machines and containers.

  • alive and well

    Java is alive and well in federal IT

    The 20-year-old programming language can help agencies create faster, more flexible and efficient development processes.

  • smart city (By Mascha Tace/

    The race to become ‘digital by default’ will have winners and losers

    Cities that invest in digital services can save money and attract tech-savvy businesses and talent.

  • cybersecurity (By deepadesigns/

    The one fix needed to keep Trump's cyber executive order from failing

    Without a trustworthy operating system -- especially for critical infrastructure -- real cybersecurity is scientifically impossible.

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  • social media

    4 ways social media can bring quick wins for government

    A robust social media strategy can help agencies meet some of their transparency and engagement goals and produce a tangible return on investment.

  • project planning (Pressmaster/

    How to avoid the 3 top IT project risks

    To gain efficiency, stay on track and still deliver innovative software programs, agencies must embrace better methods of project scoping and estimation.

  • cloud in data center (sdecoret/

    Is on-premises being killed by the cloud? Not necessarily.

    Cloud computing has been widely touted as the technology that would change the way organizations work, but plenty of IT managers are sticking with on-premises solutions.

  • disruptive forces (By turgaygundogdu/

    4 forces disrupting and shaping the future of government

    These four forces are contributing to a more responsive and adaptive government, powered by agencies that adapt to serve the public and deliver on their mission.

  • application (Joe Techapanupreeda/

    Considering PaaS? Listen to Mick Jagger

    Understanding the difference between wants and needs is key to effective platform-as-a-service projects.

  • workers (nd3000/

    Serving the country without wearing the uniform

    A robust education-, training- and experience-based strategy for building a cybersecurity workforce will allow us to defend our critical infrastructures and digital resources.

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  • satellite data exchange (sdecoret/

    There’s a new cloud in town