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    4 steps to public-sector cloud migration

    A sound migration strategy is vital to agencies' cloud success.

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    The move to cloud: It's easier than you think

    Automated cloud compliance can simplify and streamline continuous monitoring.

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    Using data to solve business tax noncompliance

    With greater transparency into businesses and their practices, agencies can greatly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of audits, investigations, collections and inspections.

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    Getting fuller participation in agile retrospectives

    Tips for overcoming the common organizational and interpersonal issues that can stifle full participation by all team members.

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    How AI and machine learning can drive government efficiency

    The new technologies offer ways to reduce the cost, resources, time and imprecision of current methods of information processing.

  • cloud costs

    Cost considerations in cloud migration decisions

    Conducting a cost-benefit analysis is complicated because of the dynamic nature of cloud computing.

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    Solving 3 government intelligence challenges with data prep platforms

    By removing data preparation roadblocks, intelligence analysts can spend less time fighting data and more time analyzing information, sharing intelligence, detecting threats and disrupting plots.

  • multicloud environment (artstocker/

    Needle in the application stack: Finding and predicting hybrid IT issues

    With core services spanning on-premise and cloud environments, IT managers must be able to monitor of the interactions and dependencies of hybrid infrastructures.

  • secure mobile medical data

    Endpoint security: Keeping virtual desktops safe for the remote workforce

    Advanced endpoint management lets agencies secure virtual applications and desktops while giving users access to the data and applications they need.

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    Improving case management in local government

    Even without access to digital tools for personalized citizen services, local government can improve the case management process without large investments.

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  • Socrata

    New tool helps disaster victims find shelter from the storm