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  • network foundations (humphery/

    Building a cloud strategy on a solid foundation

    With the right network infrastructure, agencies moving to the cloud can tap into better security and greater flexibility for growth.

  • identity management (Vectomart/

    In the cyber evolution, identity and access management is a key player

    By going beyond the basics of IAM, agencies can maintain the level of security that is necessary to protect mission-critical data, without burdening the end user.

  • cybersecurity (vs148/

    NIST’s cybersecurity framework is changing -- what you should know

    Although the framework sets up a solid foundation for cybersecurity, it is just a starting point, not the end of the road.

  • help desk worker (GaudiLab/

    7 essentials for a top-performing IT help desk

    In today’s increasingly complex IT environments, an efficient help desk must provide exceptional service to help agencies deliver on their missions.

  • agile kanban board (Karashaev/

    How to help agile teams avoid fatigue and burnout

    The increased pressure on teams to perform at a fast clip can make them ripe for fatigue much sooner than traditional waterfall teams.

  • network security (

    It’s time to repeal and replace network access control

    Software-defined perimeter technology offers a more secure, efficient and cost-effective solution for enterprise network security.

  • Microservices (pluie_r/

    Microservices: The future of government IT

    By bringing efficiency to creating and maintaining digital services, microservices can help agencies delivery new functionality faster.

  • grants management

    5 fixes for grants management

    In today’s uncertain political and budgetary climate, grants managers must improve transparency, streamline processes and leverage data-driven efficiencies.

  • snowplow (David Dohnal/

    How mobile, big data and citizen engagement help Iowa manage winter emergencies

    By combining location data with information from sensors installed on maintenance vehicles, Iowa can provide web-accessible analytics and applications to help travelers, businesses and state agencies make better decisions.

  • cloud-based security (Omelchenko/

    7 reasons why cloud-based security makes sense

    Moving the point of mitigation from the data center to the cloud platform offloads the responsibility from an agency’s IT staff to that of the cloud provider and offers several other advantages.

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  • IFTTT data access program

    IFTTT digs into government data