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  • For records preservation, Arkansas turns to the cloud

    3 ways to ensure records management compliance

    The National Archives and Records Administration is making it easier for agencies to find services and solutions to meet records management requirements.

  • data breach (LeoWolfert/

    Security fundamentals: Vulnerability management

    The process of reducing risk from vulnerabilities involves discovery, reporting and remediation.

  • multiple clouds (maxsattana/

    3 tips for multicloud migrations

    Taking advantage of a multicloud environment lets agencies simplify their cloud management policies and improve efficiencies, security and agility.

  • people in line

    Use it or lose it: Leveraging data for better citizen satisfaction

    Customer interaction management technologies can help agencies improve efficiency and take advantage of the data they collect from citizens.

  • How will the Cybersecurity Framework update affect your agency?

    Introducing risk assessments, access control sub-categories, vulnerability disclosures and cyber supply chain security will help agencies comply with the latest version of the Cybersecurity Framework.

  • opioid analytics

    How data and analytics can help mitigate the opioid epidemic

    Data, linking and analytics can help officials examine the underlying issues behind the criminal element spearheading the opioid crisis, as well as the reasons why so many have fallen victim to it.

  • secure network (bluebay/

    Network security: Age matters less than maturity

    Network administrators must ensure that their infrastructures are mature enough to handle the latest threat as well as rapidly changing security requirements.

  • Phishing

    Phishing is still a big problem, but users can help shrink it

    If employees have an easy way to spot and report suspicious emails, security teams will get a steady stream of front-line threat intelligence.

  • A forward-located Control and Reporting Center. Air Force photo.

    Data security at the tactical edge: Rightsizing solutions

    As data center functionality moves to the field, data protection capabilities must adapt to address challenges posed by edge deployments.

  • security compliance

    Security fundamentals: Policy compliance

    Policy compliance isn’t about the utility or value of what’s actually implemented; it’s about the process of assessment.

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  • machine learning

    Mitigating the risks of military AI

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