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  • robotic process automation (

    RPA demystified: The new opportunity for the digital age

    Robotic process automation can help agencies meet the core objectives outlined in the President's Management Agenda: increased efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.

  • mobile management

    How ad-hoc mobile security gaps turn into big problems

    A unified endpoint management service can make security invisible to the user and help agencies minimize security incidents.

  • data analytics (Sergey Nivens/

    Is your agency’s integration platform future proof?

    As integration complexity skyrockets, it’s time to make sure your integration platform can meet the demands of latest tech trends.

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    SaaS adoption is on the rise, but so is data loss

    With user error the largest risk factor, agency IT teams should leverage automated backup and restoration technology to guarantee the security and accessibility of cloud data.

  • software development (REDPIXEL.PL/

    Getting to a development process that is both faster and more secure

    Dynamic, role-based SSH certificates can eliminate security burdens from DevOps and contribute to a more efficient and secure network that serves all users.

  • containers (fotohunter/

    The container future is here. It’s just not evenly distributed

    Linux containers are not only a viable option for government agencies, they may very well be necessary for their digital transformation strategies.

  • clouds

    Modernization countdown: 5 reasons to move to cloud

    The cloud is the perfect platform for business service modernization and innovation.

  • asking questions of data (Production Perig/

    How AI-enabled security can turn cyber novices into security ninjas

    When security analysts are freed from the technical shackles of traditional data science, they can harness their expertise and creativity to rapidly ask questions of big data, test theories, explore and validate their ideas.

  • data science (chombosan/

    4 steps to excellence in data analysis

    An effective data analytics program requires more than buying the right platform. It needs a top-down commitment to people, policies and processes.

  • cloud security

    Government's move to improve FedRAMP aims to ease cloud adoption

    The FedRAMP Reform Act of 2018 would drive efficiencies, improve standardization and tracking and ensure appropriate cybersecurity controls exist for agencies looking to modernize their IT environments and migrate to cloud-based services.

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  • phishing email (Abscent/

    How agencies can protect against phishing attacks