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  • laptop user typing (Vladyslav Starozhylov/

    A human-centric approach to better cybersecurity

    Automated and adaptive security response based on how individual users interact with data can boost security without imposing blanket restrictions.

  • cloud migration (Paladjai/

    3 considerations before moving to the cloud

    To guarantee that migration leads to improved performance, agencies must analyze the workloads, establish baselines and prioritize the applications that will most benefit from the move.

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  • big data AI health data

    Putting AI to work for veterans’ health

    Artificial intelligence can be leveraged to predict future health complications and the interventions that will reduce risk, thereby greatly increasing veteran health and fiscal efficiency.

  • multiple clouds (Eny Setiyowati/

    Open infrastructures give agencies cloud freedom

    Open and flexible cloud infrastructures can meet agencies' needs and support them as they evolve, no matter which cloud provider -- or providers -- they elect as partners.

  • cloud backup (

    Consequences of ransomware heat up in Atlanta

    Continuous data protection can help agencies shield themselves from the significant damage and costly recovery from cyber attacks.

  • innovation (PopTika/

    Securing innovation at state and local agencies

    As state and local agencies adopt automation, cloud and IoT technologies to improve their services and citizens' experience, they must also incorporate automated defenses to mitigate associated risks.

  • secure system (vs148/

    Trust shouldn't be cheap in government IT systems

    To protect the integrity of the election process, agencies must adopt a zero trust security posture.

  • tablet computer

    Shouldn't training be easier?

    Although the need for training is increasing, many organizations fail to take advantage of the most effective formats and delivery methods.

  • application security  (Ditty_about_summer/

    Web application security: Creating a strong digital battlefront

    As cyber threats evolve and users' online expectations increase, public-sector agencies should ensure their software is secure by design.

  • operational controls (cl2004lhy/

    Protecting critical infrastructure in your own backyard

    As agencies adopt connected and automated technologies, they must ensure their IT security policies cover these new operational assets.

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  • analytics (Wright Studio/

    3 data strategies to help crackdown on internal corruption

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