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  • blockchain (Aleutie/

    How government can get the most out of blockchain

    By starting small, and focusing on user experience and agile development, agencies can take advantage of the new foundational technology.

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  • development platform (Darko 1981/

    A product and platform approach to citizen-centric service delivery

    When platform capabilities provide product flexibility, services no longer have be built from scratch, speeding application deployment and ensuring interoperability.

  • man pointing at computer (AstroStar/

    The state of policy in law enforcement: Technology takes center stage

    While the fundamentals of day-to-day duties in law enforcement have stayed the same, technology plays a more significant role in the management and roll out of new policies.

  • serious meeting (pikcha/

    Defect forecasting: Turn past mistakes into future gains

    Recognizing that defects are a part of the quality process can build trust between users, testers and developers.

  • secure network (vs148/

    Making the network the best line of defense from the inside out

    By creating a software-defined secure network, agency IT professionals can turn every component of their network into a security enforcement point.

  • digital city (ShustrikS/

    Stronger infrastructure policy will revolutionize everything

    Tomorrow's cities will rely on our ability to future proof our infrastructure by marrying technology policy with investment.

  • flood responders (michelmond/

    Technology’s response to Irma, Harvey and Maria

    Technology vastly improved how information was gathered and shared between federal and local leaders, emergency responders and residents.

  • robot hand on keyboard (Zapp2Photo/

    Debunking common myths about federal automation

    Automation is the solution to reducing risk, shrinking costs and breaking down data silos that are plaguing agencies.

  • PTSD diagnosis with pills (Tashatuvango/

    Fighting veteran addiction and suicide with better software

    Decision support software can help clinicians track veterans taking multiple medications for the same or different conditions.

  • TSA watch floor (Transportation Security Administration)

    Cyber threat analytics: Putting the human back in the loop

    Analysts' abilities to understand tactics and techniques, in context, will add a critical degree of resiliency to cybersecurity defense.

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    Best practices for election systems security