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  • Open source and the public sector

    Policies promoting open-source software may make it more difficult for agencies to ensure their code is secure.

  • analytics on employee performance (kentoh/

    How to survive the 'silver tsunami'

    Analyzing and visualizing data on employee performance can help agencies recruit and retain the best employees and ensure seamless succession plans.

  • paths (cybrain/

    A single path to hybrid IT success

    By following a single-path analysis strategy, managers can greatly reduce the challenges associated with managing hybrid IT infrastructures.

  • artificial intelligence

    How to get practical value from artificial intelligence

    Deploying AI and machine learning “out of the box” allows agencies to quickly get benefit from the technology and avoid long procurement cycles and complex integrations.

  • Identity search engine compares biometrics to watch lists

    Identity protection is an overdue government mission

    Governments across America now need a more robust approach to provide secure digital identities for their own operations and for the citizens they serve.

  • modernization (chombosan/

    IT modernization: Not a case of rip and replace

    Agencies must develop a systematic and comprehensive approach to modernization that leverages new IT to transform the agency and further its mission.

  • woman with connected laptop and phone (SFIO CRACHO/

    On the verge of true federal IT modernization

    By embracing cloud, biometrics and mobility, agencies can deliver the types of services citizens have come to expect from the private sector.

  • digital records

    Making the 2019 records management mandate … and beyond

    The scale and complexity of data that government agencies are dealing with requires an integrated approach that combines hardware, software, services and partners.

  • cloud migration (deepadesigns/

    Should your legacy data move with you to the cloud?

    By analyzing data before moving to the cloud, agencies can not only reduce their cloud storage costs but also enable a leaner, more agile organization.

  • dashboards (NicoElNino/

    A plethora of YADs: Let's hope they point to a more intelligent future

    Every day seems to bring yet another dashboard that not only reinvents the performance reporting wheel but also fails to support data sharing across organizations and systems.

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  • pointing at code (Dmitry A/

    ONR seeks to speed development of cryptographic software