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  • multicloud environment (artstocker/

    Needle in the application stack: Finding and predicting hybrid IT issues

    With core services spanning on-premise and cloud environments, IT managers must be able to monitor of the interactions and dependencies of hybrid infrastructures.

  • secure mobile medical data

    Endpoint security: Keeping virtual desktops safe for the remote workforce

    Advanced endpoint management lets agencies secure virtual applications and desktops while giving users access to the data and applications they need.

  • worker with laptop and phone (GaudiLab/

    Improving case management in local government

    Even without access to digital tools for personalized citizen services, local government can improve the case management process without large investments.

  • cloud security

    A new model for government cloud security

    Security insight means constant awareness not just of data and applications but also how they are functioning within the cloud environment.

  • barcode (Shutter_M/

    Barcode technology still delivers efficiencies

    Barcodes save agencies time and reduce costs by efficiently tracking and managing assets, streamlining workflows and reducing human error.

  • man with umbrella clouds (Maksim Shmeljov/

    Mitigating government's risks in a cloud-based world

    While the adoption of cloud technologies does not remove IT responsibility for data protection, the shift may obscure areas of risk.

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  • fraud investigation (

    Tracking down 'most wanted' insurance fraud suspects