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    The steady convergence of physical and digital identity

    Modern identity management requires a layered approach that supports physical and digital identities and allows enables bring-your-own-identity policies.

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    How IT teams can implement DevOps

    By integrating DevOps, IT teams ensure a continuous delivery of software and a flexible approach to building out next-generation solutions that increase visibility and support complex challenges.

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    5 ways to address election system weaknesses

    Vulnerable systems can undermine voters' confidence in the security of the process and expose sensitive voter data.

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    Protecting systems from rogue root users

    Hardware-based security can stop compromised credentials from being used to leak data.

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    3 factors affecting video surveillance storage

    Agencies investing in more powerful cameras and analytics software should base their video storage decisions on retention time, accessibility and cost.

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    Back to the basics with software-defined data centers

    Traditional monitoring and management techniques can help government IT administrators deliver an automated, scalable and highly agile networking environment.

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    Better prep for cyberattacks

    A robust threat management strategy ensures the overall health and security of the environment and mitigates threats posed by employees, hostile actors and organized large-scale attacks.

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    Weave your cybersecurity tactics into a cohesive strategy

    By protecting the credentials used to spread an attack, IT managers can mitigate damage after an initial breach.

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    Kanban for slaying the external dependency monster in migrations

    Simple and flexible, Kanban can facilitate communication so teams can easily spot trends and gather metrics for future use.

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  • risk management

    How agencies can comply with the cyber executive order

    The risk-management approach requires agencies to have a clear and detailed understanding of their IT environment.

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    New vendors join FedRAMP Connect