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  • office worker (Jacob Lund/

    Build, buy or configure? Selecting a modern grants management solution

    As IT-based grants management options increase, choosing a platform can be time-consuming and complex.

  • data breach (Kunst Bilder/

    How agencies should respond to shorter breach reporting statutes

    As the increasing number of breaches collide with tighter reporting mandates, agencies must strike a balance between protecting citizens and taking the time required to conduct a meticulous forensic investigation.

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    Why going paperless matters, now more than ever

    Digitizing paper-based processes can eliminate time-consuming manual workflows, establish ongoing operational cost savings, improve employee productivity and maximize tight budgets.

  • traffic at the border (James Steidl/

    Controlling cross-border traffic without sacrificing security

    Combining data analytics with machine learning can help border security agencies ensure safe passage across land, air and sea.

  • Get ready for IoT-enabled threats

    As IoT use ramps up, so do attacks on networks

    As the internet of things expands, the number of devices that must be secured is skyrocketing.

  • connected wearable health tracker (chombosan/

    Does IoT cause more problems than it solves?

    Home users may choose to take on the risk, but should the federal government?

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  • agile kanban board (Karashaev/

    Closing the agile culture gap

    Agencies that want to take the agile route must close the culture gap by teaching skeptical colleagues how to function in the more experimental and trust-centered agile environment.

  • mobile devices (mrmohock/

    How local governments can capitalize on real-time communications

    With modern digital communications services, municipalities can foster secure and efficient collaboration, increase productivity and even better protect citizens.

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  • open door in data center (Virgiliu Obada/

    How APIs can unlock data and give life to legacy systems