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  • Identity search engine compares biometrics to watch lists

    Identity protection is an overdue government mission

    Governments across America now need a more robust approach to provide secure digital identities for their own operations and for the citizens they serve.

  • modernization (chombosan/

    IT modernization: Not a case of rip and replace

    Agencies must develop a systematic and comprehensive approach to modernization that leverages new IT to transform the agency and further its mission.

  • woman with connected laptop and phone (SFIO CRACHO/

    On the verge of true federal IT modernization

    By embracing cloud, biometrics and mobility, agencies can deliver the types of services citizens have come to expect from the private sector.

  • digital records

    Making the 2019 records management mandate … and beyond

    The scale and complexity of data that government agencies are dealing with requires an integrated approach that combines hardware, software, services and partners.

  • cloud migration (deepadesigns/

    Should your legacy data move with you to the cloud?

    By analyzing data before moving to the cloud, agencies can not only reduce their cloud storage costs but also enable a leaner, more agile organization.

  • dashboards (NicoElNino/

    A plethora of YADs: Let's hope they point to a more intelligent future

    Every day seems to bring yet another dashboard that not only reinvents the performance reporting wheel but also fails to support data sharing across organizations and systems.

  • Mask of human head with bar code

    The steady convergence of physical and digital identity

    Modern identity management requires a layered approach that supports physical and digital identities and allows enables bring-your-own-identity policies.

  • devops concept (Profit_Image/

    How IT teams can implement DevOps

    By integrating DevOps, IT teams ensure a continuous delivery of software and a flexible approach to building out next-generation solutions that increase visibility and support complex challenges.

  • people voting (Gino Santa Maria/

    5 ways to address election system weaknesses

    Vulnerable systems can undermine voters' confidence in the security of the process and expose sensitive voter data.

  • admin password (ronstik/

    Protecting systems from rogue root users

    Hardware-based security can stop compromised credentials from being used to leak data.

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  • Partnership (sdecoret/

    Cybersecurity partnerships: Strength in numbers