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    How governments can reap the benefits of the cloud

    IT managers can leverage the cloud to help alleviate the tech challenges faced by state and local government IT departments.

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    Debunking the myths on VistA

    We need an honest assessment of whether a commercial off-the-shelf electronic health records system can deliver a better result than continued investment in the successful existing platform.

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    How to cut data center energy use

    Increasing density of infrastructure and system components will help agencies offset growth and reduce total energy usage.

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    IoT is the glue holding our smart cities together

    The robust communications that smart cities are built on requires systematic evaluation and benchmarking to ensure effective delivery of public services.

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    A clean bill of health for data security

    Government health care institutions and agencies can safeguard their confidential information and lower their risk of data breaches by following best practices around people, encryption and security policies.

  • security of financial systems

    Closing the gap between technology and public policy

    States are taking the lead, but are they equipped to address the complex issues of cybersecurity?

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    Cloud migrations: An ounce of prevention vs. a pound of cure

    Mixed signals about the benefits of cloud deployments suggest the need for stronger leadership around cloud migrations and more communications about the results before, during and after the move.

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  • digital archiving (Andrea Danti/

    Archiving tips for public sector agencies

    Although saving time and money are two major factors that go into selecting an automated archiving solution, look for one that will make responding to records requests easier.

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    Why an IT resilience strategy might be the best investment states can make

    Investments in network infrastructure can boost a state’s return on investment by providing a solid foundation for the efficient delivery of these new or improved IT services.

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    A blueprint for the modern government security operations center

    By leveraging automation and analysis tools, government security operations centers can effectively face the new landscape of cyber threats.

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  • Water Resources Recovery Facility aerial view (Mumfreesboro, Tenn.)

    Myriad missions for Murfreesboro drones