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  • cybersecurity threats (ShutterStock image)

    Managing both acute and chronic web application security issues

    Immediate actions will help agencies protect the health of their systems, but they must also address their long-term vulnerabilities.

  • 5 tips for keeping up with IT changes (ShutterStock image)

    5 tips for keeping up with IT change

    Government IT pros must now arm themselves with a new set of skills, products, and resources to succeed in the hybrid IT era.

  • Six steps to securing additive manufacturing

    Six steps to securing additive manufacturing

    The Defense Department's maintenance and supply-chain challenges have made it a leader in additive manufacturing, but the next major hurdle will be ensuring that the technology is secure.

  • innovation partners (ShutterStock image)

    Can we afford not to innovate?

    To get the best value for taxpayer dollars, government should look to the innovation that is taking place in the private sector, particularly regarding open source software development.

  • Why playbooks belong in every agency’s cyber toolkit

    Why playbooks belong in every agency’s cyber toolkit

    Playbooks help agencies automate and standardize the security process so analysts can focus on decision making and problem solving.

  • fusion center

    Strengthening cyber defenses through fusion center engagement

    To measurably reduce cyber vulnerability, state and local governments must interact regularly with fusion centers and encourage more private companies to share information.

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  • accessibility (ShutterStock image)

    Prepare now for upcoming website accessibility mandates

    Although accessibility rules and compliance enforcement are rapidly evolving, municipalities can keep pace with the technology and expertise to deliver effective, transparent and accessible websites.

  • Accelerating modernization through microservices (ShutterStock image)

    Accelerating modernization through microservices

    When implemented correctly, microservices architecture can dramatically accelerate and simplify modernization of complex systems.

  • old wine bottles (ShutterStock image)

    The value of unlocking legacy applications

    Rather than viewing legacy IT as a creaky old system that should be replaced, it’s worth looking instead at modernizing how users interact with it.

  • President Trump

    Lessons on emergency preparedness from the presidential inauguration

    Fast, secure and reliable communication is critical for local emergency managers and law enforcement agencies responsible for major events.

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  • dispatcher (Gorodenkoff/

    Mining emergency calls to improve responses

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