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  • Mobile phone browsers will need to be 508 compliant

    FCC puts browsers on the accessibility page

    The commission updates its rules to ensure browsers are accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Home office of an Interior Department teleworker

    3 agencies whose telework programs showed 'tele-vision'

    The Mobile Work Exchange recently announced the recipients of the group's 2013 Tele-Vision Awards.

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  • Soldiers in a field using communication tools

    DARPA looks way outside the box for mobile on-the-fly networks

    The agency wants "revolutionary ideas" on getting past IP for a mobile network that could scale to a thousand nodes.

  • Sumat Dagar model for Braille phone

    World's first Braille smart phone will soon be a reality

    A developer in India has produced a mobile device for the visually impaired that expands the range of mobile accessibility.

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  • Smartphone with a cracked screen

    IEEE wants mobile devices to be more repairable

    The organization, noting the environmental impact of billions of cell phones, says users should be able to open them up and fix them so they last longer. Would that be a headache for network admins?

  • Apps for first responders

    Portal promotes public safety apps

    AppComm, launched with 65 apps already available, lets organizations and the public rate apps and suggest new ones.

  • Google Glass shows updated flight information

    Is government ready for Google Glass?

    The company releases an API guide for developers, creating an opportunity for hands-free public sector apps.

  • Soldier communicating via radio

    DARPA puts out call to boost wireless security

    The Wireless Network Defense program could borrow tactics from credit card and online buying protections to ensure trustworthiness.

  • Pile of old mobile phones

    Used phones are worth money -- and that can be a problem

    As the high turnover rate for mobile devices creates a growing market for selling -- and stealing -- used phones, police await a national database that could help reduce thefts.

  • Martin Cooper the inventor of the cell phone with DynaTAC prototype from 1973

    The call heard 'round the world

    Martin Cooper made the first cell phone call 40 years ago this week, launching a revolution.

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  • blockchain for health data (LeoWolfert/

    Blockchain to speed medical research

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