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  • Americas Army comic tablet app

    Army unveils next chapter of recruiting comic app

    The second issue in the America's Army series takes users from high school to a Special Forces medic unit.

  • Math equation

    Bigger bandwidth with just algebra

    Researchers eliminate a wireless bottleneck by tackling the problem of dropped packets. All they needed was math.

  • jailbreak icon

    Will Apple app development move outside its control?

    Developers are bending the rules to get their iPhone apps to do what they want, something agencies using iOS devices should keep an eye on.

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  • 4th generation ipad

    Too soon for a 4th generation iPad? Maybe not

    Apple cut its new-product cycle almost in half with the newest version on the iPad, but there is a reason.

  • Solid-state transistor-based receiver

    DARPA out to break the 1 THz barrier for solid-state receivers

    New developments could help the agency make use of the sub millimeter wave frequency band, for such uses as imaging, radar and spectroscopy.

  • Processsor future smart phones

    Smart phone of the future: A chip in your head?

    Speculation that, in 75 years or so, a brain microchip could enable communications sounds like science fiction, but such as technology would have practical applications.

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  • A few ways to protect yourself against 'visual malware'

    Considering the potential threat demonstrated by PlaceRaider, users in government buildings could take precautionary measures.

  • The Wireless Gigabit Alliance: IEEE's not-so-secret society

    The Wireless Gigabit Alliance, also known as WiGig,has been tasked by the IEEE to discover new ways to expand into gigabit-plus wireless communications.

  • Will BYOD-friendly Balance keep BlackBerry in the government fold?

    The feature lets you keep work and personal information separate, and could appeal to IT managers.

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  • My other car is a smart phone

    Cisco wants to network and IP-enable vehicles, which could be a boon for emergency response crews, among others.

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    Developing low-code apps for city services

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