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  • Social media sharing through APIs

    API lets developers tap feds' social media feeds has released an application programming interface for its Social Media Registry, a list of verified federal accounts.

  • Man looking serious reading text message

    Can a Twitter 'happiness measure' work for agencies?

    A University of Vermont study shows mood of cities and states based on the language used in geotagged tweets, using a methodology that could be applied to other uses.

  • Intel tool converts much of iOS apps to HTML5

    App Porter helps translate iOS apps for other mobile platforms

    A conversion tool from Intel can make it easier to port the code to JavaScript/HTML5 for use with Android, BlackBerry and Windows OSes.

  • iphone hack

    Security flaw opens locked iPhone

    Agencies beware: A flaw in iOS 6.1 and some earlier versions allows someone to bypass the phone's screen lock and gain access to voice functions and contact lists.

  • Tweetping screenshot

    Tweetping offers a real-time look at tweets around the world

    If you want to know why agencies are increasingly interested in monitoring social media, this Web app helps put it in perspective.

  • Miniature technicians attaching a network cable

    A broadband guide for the new Congress

    The Internet Innovation Alliance looks to familiarize Congress with the basics of IP, wireless and broadband.

  • Image from BlackBerry advertisement

    BlackBerry goes for BYOD (and enterprise) appeal in ad

    In a sign that it recognizes the reality of BYOD, the company formerly known as RIM will try to generate new consumer interest.

  • Businesspeople using smart phones

    Are smart phones ready to dump voice plans for VOIP?

    With all the communications options a smart phone provides, maybe you don’t need a voice plan any more. Or maybe you do.

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  • Workers meet at coffeeshop to improve mobile gov

    Wikithon spurs gov engagement in mobile

    Got an idea on how to improve government's use of mobile technology? You'll be welcome at the Mobile Gov Wikithon.

  • Ticking timebomb

    Self-deleting e-mails: An enterprise nightmare?

    Apps that let users send self-destructing messages are touted as a way to combine BYOD with privacy, but they also raise real security questions for agencies.

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  • cloud services (jijomathaidesigners/

    AWS GovCloud gets more enterprise services

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