• lab testing (Shutterstock image)

    Biotech advances may stress regulatory agencies

    Ratcheting up scientific capabilities, tools and expertise will help agencies evaluate new biotech products, a new report says.

  • Maps track early arrival of spring (USA National Phenology Network)

    Maps track early arrival of spring

    A new set of maps from the USA National Phenology Network shows just how ahead of schedule spring is across the county.

  • Digital gov increasingly meeting expectations

    Governments are doing an increasingly good job of meeting citizens’ expectations for online services, according to new numbers from a 2016 Accenture survey.

  • open data portal

    NJ to create central open data site

    New Jersey Open Data Initiative requires agencies to publish their data on the internet so that citizens, businesses and other executive branch agencies have free and easy access to information.

  • city hall (shutterstock image)

    Opening up city councils

    Councilmatic sends subscribers email updates on legislation that they want to follow.

  • protecting data privacy

    Survey: Government slightly more likely to protect privacy

    A recent survey found that 54 percent of respondents said federal, state and local government organizations keep information safer than private-sector retail stores, banks and credit card companies.

  • virtual reality hardware used by NASA to rehearse work on the International Space Station. (Photo by NASA)

    Accelerating virtual reality in government

    As VR technology makes its way into the government space, GSA’s Digital Government group seeks to smooth the adoption.

  • White House experiments with augmented reality

    White House experiments with augmented reality

    An animated White House will appear on any $1 bill when viewed with the new 1600 app.

  • GSA opens digital communities for AI and virtual reality

    GSA opens digital communities for AI and virtual reality

    The General Services Administration has added two new collaboration hubs to its Digital Communities portfolio.

  • DOD launches full-scale bug bounty program

    DOD to launch full-scale bug bounty program

    Following the success of its Hack the Pentagon program, the Defense Department awarded two contracts to launch more challenges and find security researchers who can better detect cyber risks in DOD applications, websites and networks.

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  • officer with radio (John Roman Images/ShutterStock.com)

    DHS adds encryption requirements to responder radio equipment