• NOAA updates Whale Alert app

    Mariners and the public on the West Coast can now use the iOS app to help decrease the risk of injury or death to whales from ship strikes.

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  • CDC seeks all-in-one tool for disease data tracking

    CDC seeks all-in-one tool for disease data tracking

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is looking for an all-in-one data tracking and analytics tool to help it meet the rising amount of health care trend and emergency data it follows.

  • moocdemic

    Penn State to release Moocdemic 2.0

    The massive multiplayer location-based game lets students detect, spread and control a fictional epidemic in real time.

  • NARA reminds agencies of automated email deadlines

    The National Archives and Records Administration reiterated guidance to federal agencies on email management.

  • ICMA, SAS launch analytics platform for local gov

    ICMA Insights lets local governments easily collect, clean, report, benchmark and analyze their data.

  • SEC office to shepherd risk analysis tool development

    The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to open an office to develop data-driven tools and models to help monitor financial risk and fraud.

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  • World Bank launches global contracts platform

    The World Bank recently launched the Open Government Contracts Platform, an open data tool to help governments and businesses search, manage and monitor government contracts and procurement opportunities globally.

  • IARPA to hold open house

    The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity will be hosting its first IARPA Day on Oct. 29-30 in the College Park, Md., area.

  • DOE, Google back quantum computing research

    The Department of Energy has funded a startup’s research into quantum security for the grid, and Google announces it will build its own quantum computer.

  • NSF seeks feedback on big data innovation hubs

    The National Science Foundation seeks input on the formation of Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs that would stimulate, track and help sustain grassroots partnerships around big data.

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