• drone view of forest (By l i g h t p o e t/Shutterstock.com)

    Drone finds hikers in search and rescue effort

    The Douglas County, Colo., Search and Rescue Team was able to locate lost hikers in just a few hours.

  • fire fighter with radio (By possohh/Shutterstock.com)

    NIST funds public safety communications research

    The 33 multiyear grants are intended to ensure first responders have access to advanced technologies.

  • CBP agent inspects a water drainage tunnel that spans from nogales ariz into mexico. DHS photo by josh denmark

    CBP seeks innovative wireless solutions

    Customs and Border Protection wants a better way to transmit its situational awareness data.

  • biometric scan (Army)

    A better biometric ID for the battlefield

    The Defense Department’s Special Operations Command is looking for the next generation of biometric identification devices.

  • next-gen ybersecurity dashboard (By Elnur/Shutterstock.com)

    DHS seeks next-gen security analysis

    The Department of Homeland Security is looking for information on advanced security analysis and visualization tools.

  • airport scanners (By oleandra/shutterstock.com)

    State Department eyes airport security pilot in Mexico

    The State Department is considering installing security equipment in eight Mexican airports as a part of an Airport Security Infrastructure Pilot Project.

  • lab testing (Shutterstock image)

    Biotech advances may stress regulatory agencies

    Ratcheting up scientific capabilities, tools and expertise will help agencies evaluate new biotech products, a new report says.

  • Maps track early arrival of spring (USA National Phenology Network)

    Maps track early arrival of spring

    A new set of maps from the USA National Phenology Network shows just how ahead of schedule spring is across the county.

  • Digital gov increasingly meeting expectations

    Governments are doing an increasingly good job of meeting citizens’ expectations for online services, according to new numbers from a 2016 Accenture survey.

  • open data portal

    NJ to create central open data site

    New Jersey Open Data Initiative requires agencies to publish their data on the internet so that citizens, businesses and other executive branch agencies have free and easy access to information.

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  • electronic roadway sign (SHUBIN.INFO/Shutterstock.com)

    How hackers could cause chaos on America's roads and railways

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