• Commerce secretary pledges full embrace of open data

    The Commerce Department's acting deputy secretary pledges to put more useful data into the hands of business and industry.

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  • NIST forms new cloud working groups

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology announced three new cloud computing working groups to address standards and frameworks for cloud interoperability and portability.

  • What’s cooking at 18F

    Summaries of a few recent projects from the digital services delivery group.

  • Los Alamos unleashes HPC for unclassified research

    The Wolf computer system modernizes mid-tier resources for Los Alamos scientists.

  • Network forensics enhances Army NIE

    An Army network forensics team made a positive impact on network troubleshooting, reliability and network protection at the latest Network Integration Evaluation field evaluation.

  • Foreign Service seeks multi-language flashcard app

    The State Department's Foreign Service Institute seeks to supplement its classroom and online language training with a multi-language flashcard application that allows students to study from a variety of devices.

  • DARPA's Plan X tech visualizes battle's cyber effects

    Plan X's 3D touch table and Oculus Rift will help military planners assess the cyber battlefield.

  • First overland UAS flight takes off

    The Federal Aviation Administration gave a green light to the first commercial operation of an unmanned aircraft system over land, and granted Nevada authority to operate a UAS test site.

  • US, Honduras to test hurricane response simulation

    In a joint exercise this week the United States and Honduras will test the performance of GeoSHAPE, a tool that maps emergency service and resources locations during a simulated hurricane.

  • FAA details next steps in NextGen progress

    The Federal Aviation Agency is "on cusp of finishing" several key programs that underpin NextGen, its Next Generation Air Transportation System that aims to migrate America's air traffic control system to smarter, satellite-based and digital technologies.

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