Cloud & Infrastructure

Judiciary’s zero-trust foundation secures remote access

With two-factor authentication and a cloud native platform that secures users, apps and devices, the New Jersey Judiciary’s 10,000 employees can securely anywhere.

Don’t let the next software supply chain attack threaten your mainframe

The misconception that mainframes are inherently secure makes it easier for hackers to take advantage of this fallacy and gain access to a trove of sensitive public information, especially through seemingly benign software updates or downloads.

Report: Hybrid workforce is making public sector IT management more difficult

The trend toward more remote work is challenging public sector IT professionals.

Mayors endorse emerging technologies at annual conference

City leaders staked out positions related to drones, public safety, broadband, renewable energy, blockchain technology and more at their 90th annual conference.

County to build fiber ring and data center for local governments

The Summit County Public Safety Fiber and Communications Network will serve 31 Ohio city, village and township governments and public safety agencies.

Cloud adopters are the ‘weak link’ in security

Threats are shifting from cloud providers to developers and users, according to a new report.

Infrastructure investments should focus on 'cyber smart' projects

Funding appropriated in the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act should go toward investments that bolster resilience and protections for America's digital and physical infrastructure, National Cyber Director Chris Inglis said.

Smart edge infrastructure expands capacity, real-time data access

Using a fiber-connected infrastructure network solution creates a fully manageable low-latency, high-performance network for testing various mobility technologies on Peachtree Corners’ smart city streets.

Federal broadband strategies 'fragmented and overlapping,' GAO says

Millions of Americans still lack broadband internet, despite efforts of than 100 programs administered by 15 agencies, the Government Accountability Office reported.

States must ramp up to administer broadband funding

A new McKinsey report says states have a huge opportunity, but they will need a dedicated team to map existing broadband availability, address digital equity requirements and manage grants and funding.

Peachtree Corners pilots edge network

The latest on the city that's home to the Curiosity Lab, a 5G-enabled intelligent mobility and smart city living laboratory.

States look to electric utilities for broadband connections

New York, Arkansas and Florida and their partners are taking advantage of utilities’ existing fiber-optic networks to spur middle-mile broadband connections.

A step closer to seamless transit

Interoperability of platforms that promote data sharing and collaboration across stakeholders will be critical to improved agency services and better the passenger experience. 

How process mining uncovers workflow bottlenecks

Understanding how processes operate across technology stacks and departments can help agencies weed out inefficiencies.

Report details 5G security assessment process

With a uniform and flexible approach, agencies can evaluate, understand and address security and resilience gaps with their 5G assessment policies.

The infrastructure buildout will be paperless

Digitizing construction management will help agencies save money, improve collaboration and transparency, enhance roadway safety and ease reporting.

Hearing examines human side of telecom bills

While equitable broadband access was a recurring point of discussion during the hearing, several witnesses discussed the critical role broadband plays in public health and safety.