Cloud & Infrastructure

The low-code remedy for public health IT

Low-code development gives public health IT experts a powerful tool to respond to new crises quickly and develop the platforms they need to collect and use data to improve community wellness.

Covering the gaps left by the silver tsunami

Before the baby boomers retire and take their institutional knowledge with them, agencies should invest in cloud-based systems that will improve efficiency and attract a younger workforce.

Nonprofit cites ‘inaccuracies’ in new broadband maps

Open internet advocate Public Knowledge urged the FCC to clarify the challenge process, the availability of satellite internet and the role of anchor institutions.

States target mainframes in legacy system modernization

Security, cost and workforce challenges have states looking to retire, rehost or outsource mainframe operations, according to a survey by the National Association of State Technology Directors.

Cloud app modernization: What is it, why should I care and how can I do it?

By rearchitecting apps into a collection of microservices, agencies can reconfigure and redeploy components to unlock productivity, ensure ROI and enhance resilience.

FCC bans sale of new devices from Chinese companies Huawei, ZTE and others

Friday’s order to ban new sales and imports from five Chinese companies is the first time in its history that the agency has blocked the sale of telecommunications equipment on national security grounds.

California looks to reshape recycling IT

CalRecycle is planning an enterprisewide system that can track, regulate and monitor recyclables.

Digitized services drive citizen satisfaction

While many states have low customer satisfaction, some are bucking that trend by investing in technology to improve processes, according to research from McKinsey.

Consider all options for the $65B in federal broadband funds

An efficient mix of fiber and CBRS-based fixed wireless will ensure maximum impact and the broadest reach.

Denver taps into data hub for enlightened decision-making

A cloud-based enterprise data hub shows agencies what’s actually happening, rather than forcing them to make assumptions based on limited data.

Updated UI system to provide faster service, fraud detection

The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency is replacing its decade-old system with one that can streamline UI benefits processing and detect fraud.

New national broadband map offers granular look at service and gaps

The draft release kicks off a process where states, localities and the general public can challenge inaccuracies. The new data will be crucial in guiding how the federal government divides billions in broadband funding between states.

Why cloud is a budget breaker

Misunderstandings about cloud security, scalability and storage has led to the vast majority of enterprises spending much more than anticipated, a new survey finds.

Intelligent, adaptive emergency response built on AI and 5G

Layering 5G with various forms of artificial intelligence can enable a network topology that’s situationally aware—intelligent enough to automatically and rapidly sense and evolve with changing conditions.

By predicting ‘disgusting algal blooms,’ water district hopes to head off damage

The South Florida Water Management District is combining its observational data with satellite imagery and Google Public Sector’s Climate Insights to predict the formation of harmful algal blooms.

Some workflows belong in the cloud, others don’t

New research shows that 88% of organizations have returned at least some data from the cloud to on-prem data centers.

Government makes good strides for cloud migration, report finds

According to the report, government and the public sector are strong in their cloud migration efforts, but lagging behind the private sector in other areas of digital modernization.