Biden strengthens cyber coordination between DHS and state, local government

The State and Local Government Cybersecurity Act improves collaboration between DHS and state and local governments by boosting the sharing of information and federal resources.

DOJ ramps up efforts to curb digital stalking and abuse

In a whole-of-government approach to fighting online harassment, a new Justice Department task force will improve data collection on digital crimes and train state and local law enforcement.

Strategy aims to secure grid and strengthen cyber resilience

Incorporating cyber technology early in the engineering process will help the energy industry reduce risk from foreign actors, according to a new report from the Department of Energy.

Paying ransoms can lead to repeated attacks

Organizations that give in to ransomware demands were frequently victims of subsequent attacks -- often by the same threat actors demanding higher payments, a recent report found.

How math and language can combine to map the globe and create strong passwords, using the power of 3 random words

The three random words that What3words generates for every 3-meter-by-3-meter square on Earth can also be used as a strong password.

How to reframe the cybersecurity conversation for elected officials

Cybersecurity teams can use an emergency management framework to prepare elected officials to respond to and communicate about a cyber incident.

NYFD calls for help with doxing

The New York City Fire Department is looking for cybersecurity services to help it protect responders’ personally identifiable information.

Cybersecurity is Job 1 for city, county IT leaders

Thanks to the attack on Colonial Pipeline and the growing risk of international threats related to the war in Ukraine, 97% of IT leaders cited cybersecurity as a top priority in an annual survey.

Water sector wants greater cybersecurity for its infrastructure

Experts from the water and wastewater sectors called on the Environmental Protection Agency to bolster cybersecurity for what they called America's "weakest link" when it comes to critical infrastructure.

Ransomware hits NJ school district

The attack forced the cancellation of finals and gave students a lesson in old-school learning.

Better public-private partnerships could prevent major ransomware attacks, crypto insiders say

Cryptocurrency industry execs stressed their commitment to collaborating with law enforcement to track ransomware payments.

CISOs think they aren’t getting enough cyber investment, survey says

The survey indicates cyber concerns do not always resonate with C-suite decision makers.

States try incentive-based cybersecurity

Organizations that conform to recognized cybersecurity frameworks can avoid facing punitive damages in the event of a cyberattack, panelists at RSA said.

DOE shares playbook for energy emergencies

The Energy Emergency Response Playbook for States and Territories is designed to help state officials respond to threats to the energy infrastructure from cyberattacks, man-made damage and weather-related incidents like drought, flooding, storms, extreme heat or earthquakes.

Watchdog finds cyber risks in TVA control systems

The Tennessee Valley Authority, a federal utility operating in seven southeastern states, lacked proper IT controls and cybersecurity oversight of systems assisting with flood and river management, according to a recent inspector general report.

Ransomware attacks may be tough to stop, but here’s how to recover

Agencies must deploy forward-thinking, proactive data protection plans that are adaptable to constantly changing operational conditions.

Brush up on phishing detection to prevent ransomware

With ransomware commonly entering state and local IT networks through phishing emails, employees must learn to spot social engineering scams, a new report says.