Cyber grants: Some governments may be ‘totally left out’

Experts said the $1 billion State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program is admirable for its emphasis on planning, but it may not deliver much direct cash at the local level.

What’s in a word? FCC’s proposed data breach rule redefines key terms

The public now has the opportunity to provide insight on the value and impact such redefinitions would have on incident reporting.

Executive order blocks state business with ‘evil foreign governments’

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s order will ensure companies associated with hostile nations do not access state infrastructure or data through IT or telecommunications contracts.

The future of quantum security will be encoded in light, researchers hope

Swiss researchers, funded in part by the U.S., are developing a stronger network security countermeasure to combat the potential of a viable quantum computing system.

NIST releases potential updates to its cybersecurity framework

The National Institute of Standards and Technology wants to expand the cybersecurity guidance’s scope and foster more international collaboration, among other proposed changes.

States should follow feds in Chinese tech bans

With a recent report citing at least 1,600 state and local agencies still buying IT and communications equipment from China, one researcher advised they follow federal guidance more closely.

Texas universities block access to TikTok on campus Wi-Fi networks

It’s the latest step to limit access to the service after Gov. Greg Abbott directed state agencies to ban the app on government-issued devices citing cybersecurity risks.

What motivates remote workers to protect IT assets?

Researchers found that fear of what could go wrong is the primary driver in getting remote workers to protect IT systems.

States look to feds for help building a more robust cyber workforce

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers called on the federal government to help address the shortage of skilled cyber workers and urged flexible implementation of the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program.

NSF awards $29M in new CyberCorps scholarship for service grants

The funding will go to nine universities in 2023 to support building the next generation of cyber professionals to serve local, state and federal governments.

New York gives cyber initiatives a $35M boost

Gov. Kathy Hochul said the extra investment would expand shared cybersecurity services to local governments.

No good deed goes unpunished: How phishing exploits gov workers

Phishing attacks target employees’ natural curiosity and their commitment to public service, experts say.

Counties to field red team pen testers

The Atlanta Regional Commission wants help conducting penetration tests on local county IT systems.

Cyberattack turns up the heat on common security problems

The ransomware attack that crippled a New York county again demonstrated the need for investment, regular updates and an enterprisewide approach to security.

Real vulnerability management goes beyond NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework

Rather than solely relying on the typical defensive playbook, state and local government agencies must develop a proactive and risk-based approach to cybersecurity.

IARPA aims to thwart cyberattacks with psychology

The intelligence research agency is looking to deploy and automate hackers' cognitive biases to help defend potential cyberattacks.

Cyber ranges bolster IoT security

With hands-on training, state and local governments can better address the vulnerabilities of internet-connected devices.