Data & Analytics

Key parts of US laws are hard for the public to find and read

Oblique or missing references to standards and codes specified by law make it difficult for judges, lawyers and the general public to comply with regulations.

Accurate U.S. crime data demands more state participation

FBI Director Christopher Wray discussed federal data reporting from state and local jurisdictions, and how advanced technologies stand to help.

HUD offers $2.8B for evidence-based homelessness solutions

Applicants for grants under the agency’s Continuum of Care program must support their proposals with data showing local homelessness challenges and program service metrics.

Data-driven HR management faces uphill climb

While data can help state and local human resources agencies make better decisions, legacy technology, skills gaps and staff resistance can stand in the way, a new report says.

Averting the next pandemic with real-time health data

The Center for Public Health Data would aggregate federal, state and local health data and make it accessible in real time so it can be used for decision-making as health threats unfold.

NACo guide demystifies GIS for elected leaders

The National Association of Counties said its “layman’s guide” will help new officials understand the technology’s impacts and its return on investment.

Election info must be more accessible to disabled, survey says

Understanding how to better communicate with voters with disabilities – regardless of access to the internet – is crucial to making elections more accessible.

Preventing wildfires could start with data from controlled burns

Sage combines machine learning with data from edge sensors to provide on-the-spot detection, monitoring and analysis of a burning area.

City tests smart, low-cost traffic cameras

A pilot in Phoenix will test solar-powered computer-vision cameras that passively capture, analyze and deliver data that can help improve pedestrian safety. offers real-time data, resources to combat extreme heat

The website for the distribution of extreme heat-related information includes interactive data, tools, maps, forecasts and other resources.

Citizen scientists, Latino residents to track air quality in East Las Vegas

A community-led project in Southern Nevada is betting local Latino households and vendors can develop community-driven solutions to poor air quality using data collected from their own neighborhoods.

Algorithm predicts racial segregation in cities

The machine learning algorithm interprets the changes in the decade between censuses and makes predictions about residential segregation.

ShotSpotter tech takes a hit

A report from the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project says the gunshot detection system used in 130 cities “fails as an investigative tool.”

Curb management data monetizes parking, boosts safety

Pittsburgh’s three-month pilot with Automotus has increased short-term parking efficiency, automated payments and delivered data the city can use to maximize revenue and inform parking policy.

Watchdog says that racial and ethnic gaps remain in CDC's COVID-19 data

Centers for Disease Control data on race and ethnicity about COVID-19 is sometimes "missing, inconsistent or inaccurate," an inspector general report says.

Mayors' initiative to harness data to improve government functions, constituent services

The new effort, funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, has 22 members in the initial cohort and is expected to grow to 100 mayors during the next two years.

E-bike pilots deliver micromobility travel insights, CO2 savings

Colorado is collecting and analyzing e-bike travel data to learn how residents are using the fastest-growing form of electric vehicle transport and reducing their energy consumption.