Data & Analytics

How data sharing amplifies benefits programs

When information is shared across agencies, leaders can craft more equitable solutions and unlock the full potential of available resources.

Flood forecasts in real-time with block-by-block data could save lives – a new machine learning method makes it possible

A sophisticated flood model can be used to train local flood hazard models that can pinpoint conditions street by street using real-time storm forecasts.

Data service tracks, analyzes electric vehicle travel

StreetLight Data’s EV Mode gives mobility planners detailed data that can help them efficiently build out EV infrastructure.

Caltrans serves up dashboard, metrics for local transit agencies

An interactive dashboard designed to track implementation of contactless fare payments helped local California transit agencies see where they could make travel simpler and more cost-effective.

Can machine learning predict the next big disaster?

Combining statistical algorithms with machine learning allows for accurate extreme weather predictions without the need for massive amounts of historical data, a new study found.

CDC wants real-time data on COVID, flu vaccine effectiveness

The public health agency aims to increase its use of real-time data to track the effectiveness of respiratory vaccines and is looking for possible vendor solutions.

Young men have higher risk of gun death in some US cities than in war

In some U.S. ZIP codes, young men are more at risk of firearm-related injuries than military individuals deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq, a study finds.

ArcGIS update provides closer look into race, poverty data

The updated data addresses requests from local governments looking to gain more accurate data on their diverse populations, the company said.

Real-time data on what muni bond investors think of your city

A new data tool offers a window into how investors are responding to changes affecting the financial outlook of individual governments, including trends like the rise of remote work.

Virginia launches platform to make environmental permit info public

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality's new platform shows the progress of permit applications and improves agency transparency, collaboration and efficiency.

Statistical model predicts daily high tide flooding

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a new model that can predict daily high tide flooding months in advance.

Want to land an innovation hub?

The Innovation Hubs Index gives communities data-driven metrics to help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Why big data isn’t enough for law enforcement: Investigating with critical thinking

Combining decision intelligence methodologies with big data, AI and machine learning can help analysts make sense of data and analytics insights.

Change data infrastructure to meet new needs, experts advise

Experts at an Urban Institute event noted that the decline of data sources like surveys has created a need for improved information sharing capabilities.

Tech counties boomed in pandemic, new data shows

The pandemic rejuvenated the economy of tech-based areas such as California's Silicon Valley, but the unexpected spike is starting to flatten.

Ridership trends emerge from transit data archive

The nation’s local transit data now sits in a centralized archive, giving officials an understanding of how communities use transportation systems.

Report: Governments behind private sector in customer, employee experience

Governments have improved their digital transformation efforts, but much work remains.