Emerging Tech

How AI speeds time to repair

Artificial intelligence that monitors networks can help teams pinpoint problems and suggest repairs.

States enter the quantum race

Chattanooga is leveraging its high-speed fiber for the first commercial quantum network, while Maryland builds a quantum ecosystem.

Maine’s 3D-printed wood-fiber home

The recyclable, 3D-printed homes could help fill the housing gap while advancing sustainable manufacturing.

In northern Minnesota, autonomous vehicles are hitting rural roads

As Grand Rapids becomes the first rural community in the nation to pilot an autonomous shuttle service, it’s a trial by snow and ice rather than fire.

City seeks digital twin for public building interiors

As original blueprints are no longer accurate, Aurora, Illinois, wants indoor digital maps to update records and increase public safety.

Faster, scalable triage for mass casualty incidents

DARPA is challenging innovators to develop advanced sensor and algorithm technology that can quickly assess the extent of an injury.

Real-time tracking now available for some city school buses

New York City’s efforts to modernize school transportation have been dogged by delays — like its buses — but this new effort will allow parents and schools to monitor them.

It’s time-out for leap seconds: an expert explains why the tiny clock adjustments will be paused from 2035

Leap seconds once meant to synchronize the Coordinated Universal Time and Universal Time systems may be abandoned as scientists realize the dangers of computer systems that fail to correctly make the one-second adjustment.

Building an AI-ready staff starts with data literacy, training

Agencies must train their workforce to get the most out of emerging technology such as artificial intelligence, federal technologists and data experts advise.

Wearables to keep responders safe, boost resilience

The Department of Homeland Security is funding five startups that identify and resolve health and wellness issues before they reach a crisis level.

An entire Pacific country will upload itself to the metaverse. It’s a desperate plan – with a hidden message

As climate change threatens the livelihood of Tuvalu, the country proposes uploading itself to the metaverse to virtually preserve its land and culture.

The most future-ready US cities

Cities that leverage data, partnerships and emerging technologies can best adapt to changing citizen expectations, a new report found.

Environmental groups using digital tech to bolster data collection

Environmental data and mapping technologies are helping Virginia environmentalists raise community awareness and guide agencies' climate-friendly plans.

How ten-sided dice play into Pennsylvania’s post-election audit

Department of State officials rolled ten-sided dice to generate a seed number needed for a post-election audit.

White House launches post-quantum cryptography migration

New guidance from the Office of Management and Budget outlined the initial steps for migrating high-risk systems to quantum-resistant algorithms.

States test an electrifying idea: Roads that can recharge your EV

A few states are testing induction road-charging networks to power electric vehicles as they're driving using coils embedded in the pavement.