Emerging Tech

AI-enabled robots may increase recycling, workplace safety

Automating the recycling sorting process can increase waste management efficiency and play a valuable role in reducing environmental contamination.

Facial recognition: Can fake data produce real results?

Diversifying training datasets with computer-generated faces may help break down bias in the technology, but one expert says using synthetic images is a step too far.

Automated vehicles coming to Ohio roads

The state will test trucks equipped with platooning technology along its Smart Mobility Corridor, and automated passenger vehicles will spend a year driving on rural roads.

Tech keeps city’s fleet vehicles within speed limits

Active intelligent speed assistance technology has kept drivers from speeding and cut hard braking by more than a third, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said.

EEOC on the lookout for tech-fueled employment bias

The employment rights enforcement agency announced plans to crack down violations of anti-discrimination rules stemming from the use of AI and algorithmic decision-making software.

AI might be seemingly everywhere, but there are still plenty of things it can’t do – for now

Artificial intelligence remains a powerful tool for analytic and predictive capabilities, but just interpreting data is not enough to put AI on the same level of human thinking, one expert says.

NIST cooks up modified yeast for responder biothreat training

The yeast reference material has qualities similar to harmful biological agents, enabling first responders to practice detecting biothreats.

‘We have nothing’ showing UFOs are of alien origin, defense official says

So far, data has not shown unidentified anomalous phenomena to be from an alien source, according to defense officials.

The places seeing growth in the semiconductor sector so far

With a major federal push underway to boost production of microchips in the U.S., a trade group for the industry highlights over 40 major projects nationwide.

City bus reliability picks up with automatic vehicle location tech

Real-time location data increases the efficiency of bus operations and boosts rider trust.

Portable gunshot detector senses firearms’ sound and flash

The system uses the sound and flash of the fired gun to identify and validate each shot, reducing response times and false positives.

What’s next in government tech

Blockchain, artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality offer agencies new opportunities, but modernizing legacy infrastructure will be key, a recent report says.

10 times this year the Webb telescope blew us away with new images of our stunning universe

The James Webb Space Telescope allows offers scientists a closer look into the infrared with greater sensitivity and sharpness.

Not everything we call AI is actually ‘artificial intelligence.’ Here’s what you need to know

Systems that involve learning and adapting are considered artificial intelligence, and one expert says advancements in the data, computation and algorithms behind AI could someday imitate the way humans think.

$500M for new tech hubs program included in federal spending bill

A law to promote domestic semiconductor production approved earlier this year created the regional development program, but didn’t fund it. The proposed spending would enable its launch.

State gets ready to capitalize on blockchain

A Texas work group found opportunities for the technology in smart contracts, records management and governance models.

Biometrics have a role to play in government service delivery, trade group says

The Better Identity Coalition laid out a roadmap for states to tackle digital identity issues Monday, including how to deploy and oversee technologies like facial recognition.