Emerging Tech

Rampant ID theft targets pandemic benefits, watchdogs say

Cross-checking data and implementing validation methods for digital identity verification – like mobile driver's licenses – could help secure state systems, officials said.

What’s next for EV charging

Wireless charging can reduce EV drivers’ range anxiety without adding physical infrastructure for plug-in chargers.

New Bluetooth upgrade could provide a big audio assist for government

A new technology called Auracast will give devices the ability to broadcast a signal that could be picked up and heard by an unlimited number of receivers.

In search of a more energy-efficient blockchain

Researchers have built a blockchain whose proof-of-work solves energy use optimization problems, possibly offsetting wasted compute power.

Why you need your boss's boss to embrace agile

It's not usually the tech that's the difficult part of user experience work, but rather getting senior leaders to help clear organizational roadblocks.

UAS network expands operational drone testing

In partnership with North Dakota's Vantis network, drone operators will test a number of use cases for beyond-visual-line-of-sight flights, ranging from search and rescue missions to small package delivery.

What's the best place for an EV charging station?

With the help of a computational model, officials can strategically place EV charging facilities without putting undue pressure on local power grids.

Do AI systems really have their own secret language?

That an artificial intelligence systems such as the DALL-E 2 model may have created a vocabulary highlights existing concerns about the robustness, security and interpretability of deep learning systems.

Driverless taxis hit city streets

California regulators gave Cruise the go-ahead to charge passengers to ride through San Francisco in its autonomous vehicles, but public safety skepticism remains.

Reno mayor touts potential of blockchain, NFTs as city embarks on new pilot programs

At the U.S. Conference of Mayors' annual meeting Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve encouraged her peers from across the country to explore digital ventures and crypto transactions.

Ransomware coming for IoT devices, researchers warn

In a demonstration project, researchers breached a networked IP camera and gained access to IT and operational technology infrastructure to plant ransomware executables.

Reno pilots blockchain for historic registry

The city’s “Biggest Little Blockchain” will allow landowners, developers, city employees and the public to access the same record through the online platform.

Automated buses will still need skilled human operators

Even as buses incorporate more automated features, the complexity of driving near pedestrians and in changing weather will require trained human operators, a new report says.

New York to battle senior loneliness with robot companions

The state’s Office of Aging plans to distribute Intuition Robotics’ ElliQ voice-activated companions to prompt connections and wellness checks.

Roadside objects can trick driverless cars

Researchers found that cardboard boxes and bicycles placed on the side of the road caused vehicles to permanently stop on empty thoroughfares and intersections.

AI and machine learning are improving weather forecasts, but they won’t replace human experts

Finding the right balance between automated tools and the knowledge of expert human forecasters has long been a challenge in meteorology. Rapid technological advances will only make it more complicated.

When self-driving cars crash, who’s responsible? Courts and insurers need to know what’s inside the ‘black box’

Decision-making processes of self-driving cars are difficult to understand, but the growing field of “explainable AI” may help provide some answers.