The Digital Government Strategy published by the Federal CIO in May 2012 noted four overarching principles for agency consideration: 1) taking an information-centric approach; 2) exploring options for “shared platforms” to reduce costs and standardize data collection and integration; 3) focusing on customer-centric information management and presentation; and 4) emphasizing secure data delivery and privacy protection. Given this guidance, how are Federal Government enterprises evolving their IT infrastructures to meet these goals, while meeting current business and mission objectives? What are the essential technologies that are making this IT transformation possible, and what are the obstacles along the way?

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Watch is virtual presentation to learn:

  • New approaches to IT infrastructures to meet evolving business and mission objectives
  • What “shared platform” options are available to agencies seeking to reduce costs, regulate data collection, increase information sharing, and expand collaboration initiatives
  • Key strategies for information management and presentation
  • How to better ensure secure data delivery and privacy protection in an increasingly digital workplace
  • Which technologies are essential to meet emerging goals and regulations required for efficient and secure information exchange and storage
  • Why agencies must evaluate their current IT infrastructures and consider incremental options for modernized and compliant architectures that scale and are easier to manage

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