Top Stories

  • Box brings milspec security to its entire platform

    DOD's authorization for Impact Level 4 means controls for sensitive unclassified information are now in place for all customers. FedRAMP High authorization is in the works and will also be platformwide.


    How to cut data center energy use

    Increasing density of infrastructure and system components will help agencies offset growth and reduce total energy usage.

  • The secret source for cyber hires

    The Scholarship for Service program produces top-quality cyber graduates who have committed to work in government. It's federally funded, but state, local and tribal agencies can reap the benefits.

  • How Atlanta manages its new traffic headache

    CommuteATL, an online platform spun up after the I-85 bridge collapse, helps city officials manage traffic in near real time and provides live updates for drivers.

  • State CIOs look to agile

    Preliminary findings from a new survey on agile development shows states see benefits for customer satisfaction, quality and transparency.


    IoT is the glue holding our smart cities together

    The robust communications that smart cities are built on requires systematic evaluation and benchmarking to ensure effective delivery of public services.

  • DHS preps Cyber Incident Data Repository

    CIDAR aims to identify trends, mitigate threats and calculate risks for enterprise risk managers and cybersecurity insurance companies.

  • GSA launches virtual assistant pilot

    The project will help make government information available to consumers via personal digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger.

  • Census powers up ahead of decennial headcount deadlines

    The bureau must scale up its systems, finalize partnerships to shore up its address records and award three IT contracts -- all in the face of looming budget questions.

  • Lafayette taps IoT for air quality data

    City government, industry and university partners are building an interactive smart city platform for Lafayette, La.

  • Moving toward a one-stop shop for FOIA requests

    The governmentwide portal for filing federal Freedom of Information Act requests aims to be interoperable with agencies' current systems.


    A clean bill of health for data security

    Government health care institutions and agencies can safeguard their confidential information and lower their risk of data breaches by following best practices around people, encryption and security policies.